Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time to Call in the Faeries

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" If you think faeries are all a sweet bunch of little sprites flitting around the garden, think again. Now is the time for all good folks to call down the protection of the faeries from the rampaging forces of darkness in this land.

1. Fox News "incorrectly" identifies Congressman Folly (spelling deliberate) as a Democrat. Call down the protection of the faeries from this dangerously one-sided network.

2. Conservatives are saying that since liberals are sickened by Folly's behavior, that makes all liberals homophobic. Sorry, wingnuts, it makes us appalled that a grown man solicits sex from a minor. Gender matters not. Call down the protection of the faeries from sexual predators.

3. Burning fossil fuels and fighting to get more of them is hastening global climate change. Call down the protection of the faeries for the health of the earth.

4. Innocent children gunned down in their schools and schoolyards, walking home from school, standing on corners, strapped in car seats. Call down the protection of the faeries from gun violence.

5. The gap between rich and poor grows wider every day, and no American politician of any party (save Green) dares to challenge the mighty corporations from which campaign funds flow. Call down the protection of the faeries from social inequity.

6. If you are sick in body or mind, if you are anxious about your job, your children, your parents, your friends, call down the faeries to give you strength.

Remember, faeries and angels are different. Angels live far away, in heaven. Faeries flit among us all the time. There's probably one sitting on your computer right now. Ask him or her for protection, and join us, the followers of the Ancient Ones, drifting onward like apples on the flood no matter who strives to destroy us.

Image by Seitou, not to be used without permission of "The Gods Are Bored."


Raevyn said...

Very, very VERY well said, Anne. Puck and Princess must be so proud to guard you and your kin every day.

Anne Johnson said...

Oh, Raeven! Alas! I had to let myself into someone's office today, and I punched the alarm code wrong, and every policeman in town descended on me! And, you guessed it, Puck was with me. Not all faeries are very protective.