Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Living Treasure

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," your personal pagan promenade! And thanks for your many helpful comments on how to run for Congress! I decided I don't have the heart to do it. Apparently you have to get really close to your staff, especially if they're young, and that just doesn't appeal to me.

Before we get started today, I'd like all you pagan priestesses (and you know who you are) to check out "Blog from on High." http://blogfromonhigh.blogspot.com
Scroll down to see the most tasteless commentary on mammograms I've ever seen. Be sure to let Jerry know what you think of his sick fantasies.

Today's topic: Me! I'm a Living Treasure!

Yesterday was some sort of Jewish holiday, so the schools around here were closed. I am willing to spend one day -- one day -- per year at the seashore. Yesterday was that day.

My daughters and I toddled off to Ocean City, New Jersey. The weather was glorious, and about half of the stores were open. We had a super duper time together. It was a joy watching them cavort in the surf (close to shore), even though I dislike the beach because it's:
1. Where the water runs uphill, which ain't nacheral to a hillbilly gal like me.
2. Sand is composed of tiny itty bitty bits of Appalachian Mountains, ground up way too fine.

My daughter The Spare wanted some Johnson's Popcorn. With a name like that, you know it's the best in the world. So we got to the popcorn shop while it was still open. The Spare bought a small tub (nicely packaged for Samhain). Inspired by the name of the enterprise, I purchased an extra large tub (also nicely packaged for Samhain).

At day's end we were walking up the boards toward the municipal parking lot. We saw a threesome admiring the view near the community pier. I heard one of the gentlemen speak, and he had an Australian accent. Since he didn't use "youse" in a sentence, I concluded he was a tourist.

The couple with him asked where we had gotten the Johnson's popcorn. Alas, it was a mile and a half back down the boardwalk, and the hour neared 5:30. You could see they were disappointed. They wanted their friend to have some.

So I gave him mine.

The couple pleaded with me to let them pay for it. I wouldn't hear of it. They kept pressing until the Aussie gent told them to stop, clearly the sweet lady (moi) wanted to do a good deed.

As my daughters and I walked away, I heard the gent from Down Under say: "It's been this way for me everywhere I've gone in America. That woman. Oh, so kind. She's a living treasure."

Boy, did I tease my daughters about that! I've been making them call me "Living Treasure" ever since!

In everything I do I attempt to honor the bored gods and goddesses, most especially Queen Brighid the Bright. So rightly I think they're the Living Treasures, not me.

Just don't tell my daughters.


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