Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This Just In!

Can you waste a full moon in June?

If so, get that popcorn and that tired old DVD and curl into your couch like a spud.

If not, be brave! Be bold! Be wild and free, and in communion with the fae!

Literally. Be there, or be square!

THE MERLIN OF ...........

Artwork by Seitou, original to "The Gods Are Bored," use with permission only.


Autumn said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful time! I can't take time off right now since I just moved, but if they make that a yearly thing I will plan ahead for next time.

Athana said...

The entire town of Berkely Springs is enchanted with the Fae? No wonder you love it so! I am impressed. This town needs to be submitted for one of those "best towns in America" contests!

Anonymous said...

God, I love Berkeley Springs. Its one of the things I wish I could take to MD when we move out of WV. Beautiful state, but no jobs. I'm soo looking foward to having the ball. Its going to be my first fairy ball. My sewing machines already flying with the gown I'm working on.

Just wondering, since your going to PA fairy festival, and oviously (sp) Berkeley Springs, are you going to Marylands Fairy Festival? Heres the url incase you havent heard of it.


Anne Johnson said...

Peppy! Will I meet you at the Faerie Ball? Look for me! I'll be wearing a colonial-era Cinderella gown, a choker with a glass faerie ball (Princess) and a necklace with another faerie ball (Puck). Green Man earrings.

Is the MD festival nice? I've never been there.

Athana, you would LUVVV Berkeley Springs. It's in the Top Five Art Destinations, Art News Magazine.