Monday, April 24, 2006

Poetry Nite

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," your number one clearinghouse for orphaned kittens!

Three perfectly nurtured tabby kittens went off to the shelter today. They were here from age 3 weeks to age 8 weeks. Their brother is still here. Oddly enough, he got injured overnight. I hope he makes it. No visible signs of trauma except that he's clearly hurt a paw and just wants to sleep all the time.

And let's hear it for Right to Life! Goat season is just getting underway, but I couldn't turn down the Animal Control lady when she said she needed me to take 3 more babies. They are 10 DAYS old. So I have one sick 8-week-old and 3 10-day-olds, plus two resident felines.

What would you do if the Animal Control lady said, "If you don't take them, I'll have to put them down?"

"The Gods Are Bored" is now officially taking donations for doggone kitten formula at $18.00 a doggone can. Right to Life can be doggone expensive.

Tonight The Heir and I go to our town's first annual Poetry Bash. The Monkey Man and his monkey will also attend. I even wrote a poem for the occasion. (It was either that or steal one from the Wandering Hillbilly - his are terrific.)

My poem is about vultures, of course.

The only other news is that the sweet Jehovah's Witness missionary lady visited me today. It's always the same well-coiffed African American lady with a fistful of "Watchtowers." What a sweet lady! I'd never spoil her day by telling her I'm a polytheist, and that she'd better beat a hasty retreat before some bored god like Chonganda, or Mithras, or Morrigan comes to hiss in her ears. I also deem it unwise to let her into my foyer, within which stands an altar to Queen Brighid the Bright graced with my magic wand and the feathers of the Sacred Thunderbird.

Oh yeah. I've also got a wine cork with the likeness of the Green Man stained into it. How we do marvel over that!

Yours raising kittens, tending goats, writing poetry, listening to missionaries, helping with math homework, and serving the bored gods. Whew. What a game plan!


1 comment:

buddy don said...

thankee fer the kinds wurds, ma'am. i never cease to wunder at yer energy, wit n intelligents, but now i gut to say, ye gut fine taste in poetry! :^Þ

vulture is a fine wurd n challengin rhyme. i am tempted to try one, but i half to add mitt, i am still on the short side of the larnin curve on em, witch thats one of the reasons i stop by here everday.