Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tax March Philly

We have a leader in this nation who has refused to reveal his personal finances. We therefore cannot judge whether he is working for the American people, or working for foreign governments, or working to enrich himself.

This should be an outrage.

We have a leader in this nation who has absolutely no experience in governance. He has filled his inner circle with others -- including his own daughter -- who have absolutely no experience in governance. He has, with the help of a majority party in thrall to Big Business, set in motion efforts to dismantle public education, scientific research, health care and social services for the poor and elderly, and pollution controls.

This should be an outrage.

Know this: If you can't walk, I'm marching for you. If you care, I'm marching for you. If you believe, I am working the Work for you. If you are worried, I will worry with you. And I will act.

My feet are sore, but thank you bored Gods, I can still walk. The cause is just, the time is now.


anne marie in philly said...

thank you for marching today; I have had a horrible friday & saturday (sick cat, burst water heater, dead furnace) and could not break away to get downtown. I hear the turnout in NYC was spectacular.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Big Chicken laid an egg, a Big Golden Egg, for his family and cronies. All that Big Chicken did for everyone else was just take a big crap on them.

Davoh said...

Um, am a relatively 'financially poor' person in Australia so, technically, have no real interest in what happens in the USA. However, it is a well recongised aphorism, worldwide, that "when America sneezes, the rest of this planet catches cold". Even here, the local political elite are using Don Drumpf's sneezes (i call them 'brain farts') - to activate and inspire the local 'COALition at all cost' waste of taxpayer's finances.

Frankly, this bloke is playing with 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

Frankly, we here are hoping that there are at least SOME 'Republican moderates' in your Senate, Congress and high Courts - who will try to explain to this dickhead that experience in 'control of a dodgy real estate business' does NOT equate to the ETHICICAL of "Public Service" demands of controlling a 'democratic nation' ... much less the rest of this planet.

My thoughts are with you Anne ... as are the strength of my legs.

Davoh said...

Though, Anne; Australia, at least, has a "multi-party" Congress equivalent - and a fractious Senate of "Independents".

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Debi said...

I support YOU and the fight to save what has taken SOOOO long to achieve and will not see it dismissed by rich old Mad Men & Stepford Aides. Their effects US ALL, and my heart swells when I see resistance! Love 🙋❤️🇨🇦


you're marching for me.