Friday, April 14, 2017

Job Opportunity

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where our good fortune is your good fortune! Let's face it. None of us have all the money we'd really like to have, right? An extra Benjamin for a half-day's work always helps, huh?

I'm Anne Johnson, here to share with you a fool-proof money-making opportunity. For those of you nine-to-fivers, this still works because it is always on a Saturday!

About midway through last December, I got a phone call from a nice man who asked me just to call him "George." He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And now he's making it three more times this month. Whoever he is, this George has, as my students would put it, "stacks and stacks and stacks."

George offered to pay for me to go to the Women's March on Washington. He paid for my two-night stay in a Hampton Inn, two tickets on a Rally bus for myself and the Heir, and he paid us each $200 for the day to march. Pretty generous, huh? I think so too!

At first I didn't want to take George's money, but he assured me that he was paying everyone who marched the same amount. This means if I hadn't needed to stay in a hotel or take a bus, I would have earned $500 for the day! And actually, at the Women's March, I met dozens of ladies who were equally impressed by his generosity. Many of them got all cash, since they lived close enough to take the Metro.

I asked them, "Do you know who this George guy is?"

"Who cares!" they chortled. "He's got stacks and stacks and stacks. After the march, we're going on a spa vacation!"

Seemed like everywhere you looked at that march, you saw a woman happily clutching a few Benjamins in her fist. One told me, "This is great, because I really don't want to work. I can just do this and get some money the easy way. I intend to spend it on drugs."

Who am I to tell people what to do with their money?

Long story short, George called me in March and asked what I was doing on the weekends of April 15, 22, and 29. I said, "Well, sir, you tell me. What am I doing?"

He hired me to march all three weekends. Heir too. We get a little less since we're staying in Philly -- $200 each -- but the math is still compelling. Between us we will earn $1200, just for protesting Donald Trump. George, it seems, does not like the sitting president.

At the Women's March it didn't occur to me to crunch the numbers and see just how much George actually pays for these events. Doesn't matter. I suck at math. I can't count that high.

For these April marches, George even sweetened the  pot. He gave me a clothing allowance! I bought a Union Thugs t-shirt and a baseball cap with the meanest-looking pussy you ever saw on it. Sent the bill to George.

Any of you who want to protest Donald Trump and earn some pocket change, give me a holler. I'll set you up with George. I think I even get a referral fee, so sign on and come aboard!


Harry Hamid said...

I have heard of such things.

The stupid people I know, they've been showing up for protests for free. I've been speaking up against the government at my own cost for years, when breitbart tells me George-types pay $1500 per week!

Which is more money than almost anyone I know makes for full time work!

I guess in retrospect, it makes more sense than the idea that someone might actually oppose the policies of the government. That wouldn't make any sense when we have such a tremendous government.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sweeeeeeet, lol!

Leeanna Henderson said...

Awesome sweet deal! Have you talked to him and asked him questions about what he does for a living, or is he in this alone or does he have friends who work with him? I wonder who he is and what he does for a living?

Davoh said...

a jest? sarcasm???. (yer, i sort of believe it - fake news is apparently believable). Not like you, Anne, without some sort of 'disclaimer')

Davoh said...

(tho have to admit that the "Georges" in American politics apparently did not have enough to finance "more people to turn up at Don Dickhead's inauguration" .. whatever "Shaun the sheep" said at the podium ... heh).

e said...

While this is laughably fake news, I think that it's true that Melinda Gates will pay for your birth control.

Thanks for marching, whatever the cost!

Debi said...

This hurt me to my core. History will prove, greed doesn't win in the end ❤️


give George my phone number