Saturday, March 23, 2013

Delhi 2 Dublin

Have you ever judged something or someone just by a name, and then been pleasantly surprised when your happy prediction proves true? That's how I feel about Delhi 2 Dublin.

When I saw that this band would be performing at FaerieCon two years ago, I thought, "Well. Interesting name. Let's look 'em up." So I checked them out online, and wowsa. Went to FaerieCon to see them, and never had so much fun.

It's hard to describe Delhi 2 Dublin if your principal knowledge of music is in a whole different realm. I can tell you chapter and verse on bluegrass, from Bill Monroe to Trampled by Turtles. But when it comes to Delhi 2 Dublin, I can only say that they will quicken your pulse, and pretty much leave it at that. I do suggest you check them out.

There's one problem with this band. They live in Vancouver, BC. That's a long way from Philadelphia. I despaired of ever seeing D2D live again, because FaerieCon is pricey and not in my neighborhood.

Can't tell you how overjoyed I was to discover that D2D was coming to Philly, and to a dance club convenient to myself and my good pal Nettle. We went, we danced, we had a great time.

Now here is some free advice from an old bluegrass fan. If you like musical groups that don't have boatloads of fans in a particular region, you can actually walk right up and chat up the musicians, and they will be very nice to you. I once had a chummy chat with the legendary John Duffey (may he have found the Summerlands), just because no one else was around to yack with him. Same exact thing happened when Nettle and I went to see Delhi 2 Dublin. Their front man, Sanjay Seran, was just chilling by the stage after the set, and I'm not shy. Lovely chummy chat, delightful guy, and he helpfully translated some of his lyrics for me. (D2D don't always sing in English.)

I have a feeling that this is an up-and-coming group that some day will be fighting their way through throngs of insane fans (never a problem faced by bluegrass musicians until Mumford & Sons). So it was great to see D2D
*in Philadelphia
*in a club
*on the Equinox.

Having recently endured my fourth Residents concert, I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to hear real music, sung by people who don't wear masks and revel in the weirdest shit on the planet.

So hop on over to their site, and turn up the stereo!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've heard the name but am not familiar with their music. I'll check out the link!

Davoh said...

Am not sure how to 'spell' this word in the polyglot language called "English"- but 'Ceilidh' comes to mind.


I'll check them out if you check out the Heavy.


they sort of sound at work? remember them?