Sunday, February 03, 2013

Will This One Fly?

Faithful Blogger space! What has happened to you?

My Imbolc post didn't publish for some reason. Oh well, now it's the next day -- but every day is graced with Queen Brighid the Bright, whose blessed silver mantle made our world habitable.

Last night I placed a red candle on the Shrine of the Mists, and it glowed so beautifully through a little dusting of snow. I could feel the Bored Gods warming themselves in its light, having a little mid-winter party in a congenial environment. How many wonderful deities, Goddesses especially, have  been lost to time? Well, they are all welcome here.

I changed my sidebar. It happily now shows my readership, but I lost the links to other peoples' blogs. If you know how to keep the followers and restore the blog links, let me know.

And don't forget  -- March 2,2013 is Virtual Vulture Day! Come here to celebrate the Golden Purifier who sees all and keeps the country clean!

Pinky swear I'll write something funny this week.

PS - free advice ... Don't try to decorate a table centerpiece with Hershey's kisses. Your artful rendering will not withstand a single afternoon.


Moma Fauna said...

If you have want for it, here is the portion of your first post that I could see:

"It's a rather odd evening here. All the lights are on in every part of the house. Usually I wouldn't condone this use of electricity, but for a few hours the gleam honors Queen Brighid the Bright, Goddess of home and hearth, Goddess of creativity. This has been a quiet Imbolc with deep reflection here at Chateau Johnson. Changes are coming to us this year, and we need to be prepared for them if we can. However, living in the here and now, I would just like to thank Queen Brighid the Bright for Her serenity and peace in my praise space. Thank goodness She has a sense of humor and agr..."

For the links you will just need to add a new widget in the sidebar again. Add the links from your Blogger feed or Google reader or manually if you don't use the readers. You can move it around in there, above of below the followers. I am pretty sure you cannot restore your old links widgets though. But, I know you *can* have followers plus links widgets together b/c I have always had that on my blog. Hope that helps.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Aha! So you DO have more than 3 followers!