Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Company You Keep

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" (Old habit. Sorry.) Call me zany, loony, weird, wacky, or out-in-left-field. Or all of the above. You see, it's my philosophy that everyone has to get out of the box, at least sometimes. While not staining the chintz. OxyClean is useless against a smudge on chintz.

Leaving the chintz aside, anything goes! Get out of that box and look around a bit! You might see something like this:

I purloined this classic photo from the Two Street Stompers Facebook page. It was taken this year, 2013. I love the way my new friends are framed by Philadelphia City Hall. If you missed previous posts, the Two Street Stompers are a Mummers Comic Brigade (I'm a member), and this year's theme was "Gold Rush." Well, if you're gonna have a gold rush, you're looking for the mother lode, right?

Now, seriously, if you don't think this looks like fun, maybe you ought to biff off "The Gods Are Bored" and go find some nice, sedate site -- maybe a streaming web cam out in the middle of the Sahara or something. You might want to knit a scarf, or swim laps, or fold socks. Not me, by golly!  We are here to have a party! Laugh is a bowl of cherries!

Referring back to the Exhibit A photo again, please bear in mind that this is an event held on January 1, which this year was about 40 degrees.

So, today, two things are official:
1. The East Coast Vulture Festival 2013 has ben canceled due to lack of vulture participation, and
2. Mr. J is leaving his job for self-employment.

Some company, you want to keep. Some not so much. Here we go loop di loop, all on a Saturday night!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck to Mr. J as a freelancer! May he hit the Motherlode too.


if he just writes books he's going to do know how much I loved his last one..