Wednesday, February 27, 2013

O Brave New World!

When Mr. J left his job, we sat around wondering how we could keep our shack in Snobville. The property taxes are in five figures every year. And yet it is our home. We live on the poor side of town (yes! even with five figure taxes!), and there are wonderful, huge old trees and a pond nearby.

So I suggested we take in a boarder.

Little did I know how quick it would happen.

One of my colleagues has a sister who is involved with Chinese exchange students. One of the students in her program isn't happy where she's placed right now. So, on Saturday, East Coast Vulture Day, this potential boarder is coming for an overnight. She is a sophomore in high school, and if she likes us she will get the Spare's bedroom, because it's the only other private bedroom with a closet.

I'll have more to say about this later, but candidly, I am going to make ECVD a go, visitor or no visitor. If this tot is going to move in with us, it's not for party time 24/7. She will have to understand that Mrs. J needs some time at the computer.

Boy, I sure hope I have more energy on Saturday than I do right this minute!

Anyone have happy or horror stories about exchange students? I know my sister went through Hell and beyond with hers.


Anonymous said...

Depends on the kid. My aunt and uncle had one "bad" kid who was sent home after a few months and one "good" kid that lasted the year.

I wish you luck!

Lori F - MN said...

Just make sure you make the rules VERY clear. Clearer than you did with your kids. Think about yourself as a kid. What did you do that would have gotten you into grouble if it had been found out.
If you give them a cerfew, make sure you spell out what that means. In the house? What about friends? Trust me. I pushed the rules to the limit.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Our neighbour across the street has had several foreign students board with her over the years. All I know is she makes them shovel the snow all winter.

Good luck with yours! Setting firm and clear rules seems like wise advice.

Anonymous said...

I understand your clear and present need. I just hate giving up any home privacy and that is even more the case with teenagers. Providing you all get along, it could be great. I hope you have spots in that snobville home that affords you the quiet and privacy that YOU need. Kids tend to take over. Good luck. :)


I think she is going to be one lucky kid

Helen in CA said...

Remembering that this is someone who's from another country....who's assumptions may be quite different (or not). Plus s/he is moving from a circumstance they didn't fit it (aka like).

So, I'd be really really clear. That way s/he would know expectations going in. Your kids could give you good feedback.

Helen in CA
who's "spare" made a really good friend from exchange student during high school

hillbilly fairy said...

HaHa! My older daughter talked us into a exchange student because her boyfriend was getting one. We lived in Chevy Chase, MD, also SnobTown. but, like you, we lived in the older part of town, and rented our house. Matt was a medical student at the time, and we were living on my government salary. My daughter went to school at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School with the children of highly paid consultants, etc. So our Russian exchange student actually stayed with one of those families first. I went to pick her up in our 5 year old Mitsubishi Colt, and showed her to her room: actually our study, with a futon. She looked around and asked "Am I to sleep on the floor?" I almost died. But she was no trouble. She hung out with her Russian friends, and one memorable evening they all came over for her birthday party and sang Beatles songs all night. It wasn't bad at all.