Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brief Refresher Course

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" We're so glad to have your custom! There's a pie in the oven and a parrot on the porch, so stop by ... you won't have any trouble finding the house! Or me, for that matter. That's me in the picture. Just look for the neon tie-dye and the Stone of Destiny.

From time to time, we at "The Gods Are Bored" like to publish our Mission Statement and make a financial disclosure. This site has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, so perhaps some of you haven't been around since the get-go.



(Because Anne read a newspaper article about a woman who got her dog's vet bills paid by blogging about the dog's plight.)


WHEREAS logic dictates, and certain holy books corroborate, the existence of multiple Higher Powers, and

WHEREAS these powers are perceived by humans living and dead to be of both genders and, in some instances, animal entities or geological phenomena,

THEREFORE be it enacted that "The Gods Are Bored" will recognize and venerate each and every Higher Power from pantheons known and unknown, the unknown being unknown because they are not represented in the annals of recorded history,

FURTHERMORE "The Gods Are Bored" reserves the right to recognize and venerate Higher Powers of more recent vintage, including, but not limited to, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu.

SWORN BY ME, Anne Johnson, on this 29th Day of May, Year of Our Lords and Ladies, 2011.


Beginning balance, April, 2005: $0

Current balance, May, 2011: $0

Income: $800 (exact figure unknown) in the form of books for Anne's classroom, books for Anne, and several nice gifts sent to Anne by readers.

Expenditures: $150 (exact figure unknown) in the form of charitable donations to other bloggers, postage and handling for gifts sent, return postage for borrowed items, and a few purchases from readers.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer


Maebius said...

Happy blogiversary?!

Alex (the ever-present danger to society) Pendragon said...

Is there handicapped access to this blog? Can conservatives access this blog and make their way back out again? Does this blog provide minimum daily requirements of food-for-thought?

Just askin'.......

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How nice to see a responsible and accountable blog for a change. Huzzah for TGAB!

Thomas said...

Now you've got me thinking on how much I spend on my blog.

Do I count paying for my laptop, even though I also use that for work and porn?

Do I count the books I've bought on subjects I later blogged about?

Do I count the co-pay for getting my carpal tunnel treated?

I've never made a single red cent from my blog but I've also never tried.

Perhaps it's time to monetize.

Wizardess said...

Transparency, tis good.