Monday, January 18, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Please pardon our appearance during remodeling!

I am working on my new netbook. Her name is Little Scratch. She is very quirky. She has eaten my copy three times.

This afternoon I did a little buzzarding down in Wenonah. I forgot to take Little Scratch along. When I learn how to use her, I will be able to film the Wenonah buzzards on her. But that will take time. Lil Scratch is quirky.

My desktop got a virus that mined my addresses and sent problems to some of my addressees. If you got an email from me regarding Facebook, delete that puppy.

 One of the people who got the email had her computer crash on her. So she sent me a nasty email, as if I deliberately sneezed on her and gave her the grippe. Would I purposefully seek to destroy other people's computers, trashing mine in the process? Bamp! No.

It's baffling to me that people sit around thinking of ways to harm other people's computers, but some people are like that. We basically stink as a species. You don't see a rogue buzzard ripping the roost branches out from other buzzards' feet. I guess they fight over carcasses, but that's logical. Not much logic to people. Not much at all.

It has taken me 30 minutes to type this short post, so I will close by thanking the Goddess Luna for her exquisite delicate thin curve. And by reminding you, my dear reader, that when the going gets tough ... go watch the buzzards.


THE Michael said...

Do not fret, my dear Anne, by virtue of my Mac-ness, I am pretty much immune from those nasty windows illnesses. And yes, as a species, we fall far short of any redemption. However, there are those amongst us, like you, who remind the likes of me that there is still a light shinning in all this darkness. Bless you!

Thalia Took said...

Ah yes, I was also going to comment in a somewhat smug manner on my own Mac-ness, though really I am sorry about the nasty virus-stuff. That's no fun.

I was wondering, though--have you noticed any fairy stuff lately? I keep pulling fairy-type cards over at my blog, tonight getting Danu, the mother of the fairies, and then finding that today is the very Saint Day of Ana, in other words Danu. Weird. Something would seem to be afoot, but I'm not real familiar with fairy stuff. So I thought I'd ask you to I don't know, put up some antennae maybe and see what you could see. Or not; I don't know if you are still a bit under the weather.

The Scribbler said...

Bloody hell! I got one of those Facebook e-mails addressed from a friend. And even though I'm usually extremely cautious about such things, I was tempted to click the link.

Considering how much it messed with your life, I feel like I just dodged a high-caliber bullet.

By the way: I've been lurking for months. Very entertaining blog. You've got style, girl.


An Appalachian expatriate.

GreenWheel said...

Sorry about your virus issue. I too am a Mac (also a Dvorak keyboard user) -- but no longer overly smug.

As the market increases with Mac owners, so too will the Evil Bastards who write virus' start targeting Macs. Whenever possible, we must all, be wary when surfing the web and reading our emails. In the end, as long as there are Nasty People in the world who find joy in another's pain, there will be viruses and other male-ware created. I hope for personal sake that Mac stays in the minority but it won't; because we are like "there aren't any real threats to Macs" which means as people get credit cards or income tax return or other money savings and they buy a Mac - we will come out of the minority and it will be "Hey, there's a new virus out!" and both platforms will be affected. The only other thing I know is out there is Unix; but I think with Unix you need to be techy and code-savvy so I know I will never be a Unix girl - although the penguin is kinda cute!

Anyways what a ramble -- I hope the netbook gets easier to use as the days go by.

THE Michael said...

Ah.....Unix is the underpinnings of OSX, the Mac OS. What you are thinking of is LINUX. Yea, they are really in the market minority so it is doubtful anybody will target that platform any time soon. However, even Mac owners have to use the common sense precautions which include not opening attachments from strangers and other such potential bombs. Also, UNIX has always been a more secure environment than windows, which was a badly written code from day one, one which has always been hampered by Bill Gate's determination to copy the look and feel of Mac rather than to write a safe and secure OS.

And yes, what we are really hampered with here is human nature, the desire to hurt others. I think the term "humane" is totally stupid.


gee i feel like a stepchild cause i have avg and a pc..