Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home for the Hopeless

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," an internationally approved, fully certified sanctuary for downsized deities since 2005!

Here at TGAB we are experiencing technical difficulties in the following spheres:

1. Personal life
2. Personal health
3. Home computer

I got a netbook for Yule. I hope I can send this notice with it. My home computer has come down with a disease called "Home for the Hopeless." I can only hope that my trusted computer guru can fix it, or at least retrieve the data I've failed to back up.

In the meantime, I got this little netbook for blogging, so I hope it works. Here goes the test .


At January 17, 2010 , Blogger Hecate said...

Seems to be working brilliantly, so far.

At January 17, 2010 , Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope everything in all sectors will be working well soon.

At January 17, 2010 , Blogger Sarita said...

I would really love to hear how the netbook works for you, since I'm considering getting one for myself. (I might be movingout soon, and I just want something that I can do internet and write my essays with.)

At January 17, 2010 , Blogger THE Michael said...

I'm sorry, Anne, but your netbook is not working. Your post didn't make it online and I didn't read it, thus I could not comment on your post.

But otherwise, please get healthy and may all drama exit stage left......just case you're having any difficulties in those areas......

At January 18, 2010 , Blogger Anne Johnson said...

Sarita, my netbook doesn't have Word. It's only good for internet. Right now I love it.

At January 18, 2010 , Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

you both are doing great.

At January 18, 2010 , Blogger Sarita said...

Thanks for the info, Anne. I suspected it might not, but it's nice to know for sure.


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