Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High and Lonesome

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," Appalachia dreaming on such a winter's day!

Last night I dreamed I was home at the family farm. I was writing an ad for the newspaper, looking around and thinking how I would feel when the farm wasn't mine anymore.

As a Druid, I feel that ownership of land is spiritual, that no one can "own" a mountain, no matter how much barbed wire surrounds a place. However, ownership of houses is different than ownership of land.

There's a house on the side of a mountain that I've spent many long weeks of my life  in, through the early decades at least. In subseqent years I've made less frequent visits, but I've never let go.

I wish I could go there now.

Winter is a cold time in that little house, but some of my happiest times there were in the winter months. In winter you can see so far in the mountains -- the views stretch out through the bare trees. It's quiet at times and raging at others, when the north wind whips across the crests.

Tonight I want to be at home. Where the heart is.

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i wish i had that feeling about a special place..but was raised in the military and no place was home..