Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we hereby resolve to quit drinking, lose weight, complain less, spend more time with the kids and less at work, and shower the spouse with love, love, love!

That, and we're going to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Your donations will be appreciated.

Occasionally I've made New Years resolutions, usually having to do with weight reduction. And some of them have lasted until Girl Scout Cookie season. In case you haven't noticed, it's cunningly timed to trip up the most disciplined resolver.

Gosh, I can't even resolve to keep my upholstery spotless! Accidents happen, you know?

Making (Roman calendar) New Year's resolutions is fun, though. So, let's do it!

In 2010, I, Anne Johnson, hereby resolve to:

1. love buzzards.
2. pick any hangnail until it falls off.
3. take Advil any time I get a headache.
4. scratch any place that's itchy while in the confines of my home.
5. teach school.
6. feed the cats and the parrot.
7. curse when I get lost in the car
8. encourage the eco mish-mash in my back yard.
9. block the insulting troll who still comes here occasionally.
10. go see The Residents, even though they're performing on a school night.

Well! I'm proud of myself! Ten New Year's (Roman calendar) resolutions, and not one of them involving giving up cookies or cleaning my car! Life is good.

For those of you interested in the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade, I'm sorry to report that the South Philadelphia String Band managed only a 4th place finish with their Native American theme that culminated in the captain riding on a mustard-yellow, fierce-looking Thunderbird that seemed about the size of six elephants. Woodland String Band finished back in the pack with its Harry Potter theme, although I thought it was well done. My favorite part was when they took banners of the four Hogwarts Houses and turned them around to reveal a panoply of a wise old dude standing under a crescent moon. Fodder for those who hate Potter!

Oh yeah ... blogging resolutions. I haven't had as much time as I'd like to keep up this little site. That could change, since Santa brought me a Netbook. I'm just waiting for my computer Yoda to give the Netbook a little once-over and protect it from viruses, and then I'll have a means to blog from school without the Big Brother school network watching! So -- while it's not a resolution -- I hope to pick up the pace a bit.

Did I miss any New Year's (Roman calendar) resolutions that you think I ought to keep?


Nettle said...

"11. Meet with my Druid friends as often as is appropriate and feasible."


i dont lie so i dont make resolutions..cause i know i'll break them..
i do plan on going to all 5 of the diabetes classes they are going to have here in me eat better and lost those pounds i want to lose before jenny's wedding

Lavanah said...

...I read one of the phrases of your first sentence as "shower with the husband more often..." It seemed reasonable to me.

But I've had a long day and mercury is in retrograde.

THE Michael said...

Promise to keep an eye out for any stirring of words which might eminate from Pendragon Hold..........because it's WORTH it!

Bellagunn said...

YEAH! THE RESIDENTS! WHOOT! World cafe is a great venue, I saw Blackmores Night there in oct, it was worth it to spend a little more and reserve a table, food was a bit pricy but excellent. Didn't bother to drink. Very intimate show. RATS! Wish I could go, have a prior engagement. Leaving for AF basic feb 1st, will check your blog sometime the end of the year (when they give me internet again LOL) hope to hear all about it!