Monday, December 08, 2008

Great Christmas Giveaway Continues: Stupid Little Thingy

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," giving Santa Claus a hand this season! Due to global warming, his workshop disappeared beneath the waves early this summer, and he's set up on a temporary barge in the North Atlantic. I graciously volunteered to help him out, poor fella.

First, congratulations are in order for the richly-deserving Mrs. B, who won last week's Giveaway, an authentic, members-only 2009 calendar from the Daughters of the American Revolution. Twelve boring photos of colonial samplers on cheap paper. What a great gift!

This week's Great Christmas Giveway item is even greater. It's a stupid little thingy.

You know how stupid little thingies work. Someone gives you a Christmas gift that might have been given to them by someone else. That probably was given to them by someone else. You do your part, passing it along to the next person on your lengthy Christmas list.

I got this stupid little thingy the last time I bought a Yankee Candle. I love Yankee Candles, but they're costly, so I don't buy them often. But a local store was having a 20 percent discount day, so I got one for the holidays. And the clerk gave me this stupid little thingy along with the candle.

The thingy in question is a Yankee Candle Porcelain Ornament with fragranced oil. The ornament is a kind of stupid-looking snowman. He is accompanied by a vial of oil. You drop a few drops of oil on the back of the ornament, and it smells good. (Or so they claim, I haven't opened it.)

These items were so popular in 2007 that Yankee Candle didn't sell a doggone one of them, so the stores are giving them away this year.

I'm past the age where I have kindergarten teachers or choir directors or crossing guards upon whom to bestow stupid little thingies. But I'll bet you could use one. Leave a comment between now and next Friday, and you'll be in the running for this awesome, never before re-gifted stupid little thingy!

(If you don't have a blogger account, be sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win.)

During this upcoming week, I will embark upon a search for the ultimate, no-holds-barred best Christmas Giveaway Item: an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Can't ever have enough of those.

In the meantime, a thingy can be yours ... You know what to do.


Pom said...

Wow - at the risk of being stuck with "an UGLY Christmas sweater" if I accidentally respond during the next one I'll just comment on this one and decrease the odds on the next one! ;o)

THE Michael said...

No way am I going to risk getting stuck with another stupid thingy by commenting on a blog! NO WAY!

Livia Indica said...

So it's a scented candle thingy for a scented candle? I'm intrigued.

BBC said...


yellowdog granny said...

i have little thingys already thank you very much...haha..but i can't wait for my gift...

mrsb said...

Yippee for calenders! Thanks, Anne!

Auntie Meme said...

I see your little thingie and raise you an empty ceramic planter with Winnie the Pooh on it--not even remotely as cute as it sounds--and an "executive dart set" in a tiny box. Both "ungifted" items from long ago. You know, purchased on sale in case someone extra gave you a gift and you had to run to the garage to find something to give them.

Oooh, my verification word is "hater." I can skip work nao plz?

Thalia Took said...

I believe the correct word for "stupid little thingy gift that no one really wants" is mathom. (Trust the Took on this one.)

That said, please do not sign me up for this.

Anonymous said...

it kind of sounds pretty... am i mistaken in this? :)
somethign to cheer up an desk at University say? =P

Anonymous said...

I think it's the concept of a smelly snowman that people aren't buying. Rodger Cunningham

Dawtch said...

I want a thingy! A SNOWMAN thingy?!?! I love snowman thingys! and smell good thingys - what could be better than both all in one!!??!?!