Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Fabulous Career as a Water Judge

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" King Triton is here today, joining me to celebrate the world of water!

Last week I taped an interview with National Public Radio on my fabulous and notorious career as a water judge. The program, called The Story with Dick Gordon, aired today (May 28) at 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

The clip will be archived by now, and you can listen to it from this site. Be sure to check out the truly butt-ugly picture of me, sitting at the edge of the Lord Fairfax Spring in Berkeley Springs.

King Triton is still laughing about how nervous I was during the taped interview. (He's right. I mean, a taped interview! Any time I could have said, "CINDY JACOBS IS THE ANTIDEITY" and they just would have edited it out.)

I also made a mistake that didn't occur to me until I was walking up Market Street toward the El. The host, Dick Gordon, asked me to taste and comment upon the glass of water they gave me so my mouth wouldn't dry out. It didn't taste like Philly tap water. DUH! The technician must have gotten it from a water fountain!

I am not known for quick thinking. But since my duty in life is to entertain the bored gods, and King Triton is cracking up, I guess I did good.

To hear my mellifluous voice, go here:

Please don't tell me if I sound stupid. I already know how I sound.



yellowdog granny said...

well, so far i can't get it to play, but that's not surpirsing ..these things always mess with me..will try it later when im awake from my nap...took the nap already...just not awake yet...

THE Michael said...

You earn a LIVING tasting WATER? know, I like rum, sangria, and ice cream....where do I sign up?

I am NOT going to even TRY to explain you to my friends....they already think I'm nuts.

Big Tex said...

Water taster, now that's a cool way to make a living. Wanna trade jobs? :-)

Tennessee Jed said...

Anne you make me keep the dictionary open with words like mellifluous. I am sure you made King Triton proud in your efforts.

sageweb said...

I hear you....what a wonderful voice. Exactly how I imagined.