Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Avoid the Textbook at All Costs!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," hoping you are healthy and wealthy and wise today! With accent on the healthy.

I've come to the Vo-Tech to substitute today, and my assignment was the nursing care class. I can't help myself. I always have to look at the books on the teacher's desk. Not while I'm trying to maintain classroom decorum, of course, but at odd moments when all the students are working on something.

How did I forget what class I was in and open a nursing care textbook? Every ailment known to the human condition is carefully pictured ... nay, photographed. Oh my. How fragile we are!

Makes me wonder. What kind of Intelligent Designer made us? We should have body armor built in. Limbs that self-correct after an injury. Heck, crabs have those, and what do they do? Scuttle around the bottom of bays. Do they pray to a Designer? I don't think so. Then why do their claws grow back if they lose them?

And while we're on Intelligent Design, I've always wondered why we have sex with the same organs we use to go to the bathroom. That's one of the first things I'd change about mammals. But don't ask me how. I'm no Designer, Intelligent or otherwise. I get queasy when I see photos in nursing manuals.


Nettle said...

I help to make those textbooks. The nursing ones aren't so bad - the worst, for sheer gore and awfulness, are the plastic surgery textbooks. Dermatology is a close second.
I don't know how anyone could live in a human body for more than 30 years or so and still believe that we are intelligently designed. The structure of the knee aloone seems like enough to refute that argument.

Paul said...

If we were really intelligently designed we would probably have a socket for the intelligent designer to plug in a diagnostic computer :)

Then there are teeth, so easy to rot, so near to the brain so all that decay can spread to our most vital organ - how many early humans died of decayed teeth?

I am pretty sure I read somewhere that birds only have one opening for sex, defecation and urination. So mammals definitely get a better deal.

yellowdog granny said...

i always thought that if i designed the body i would have put breasts on the back..so when your dancing the guy can use them to steer with..and our sex organs on the end of our fingers....brings new meaning to the term glad hands

Big Tex said...

We may have been designed, but not by someone with any intelligence. Maybe we were designed by committee. :-)

YDG, if we had sex organs on our fingertips, it would certainly make blogging a lot more fun.

~Illisse said...

I agree with big tex and add some - designed by a committee who just had their budget cut


THE Michael said...

I don't understand why we can't all have both organs so that the idea of homosexuality is moot and our choices are doubled. Then all we'd need to worry about is who wins rock, paper, scissors as to which one has to carry the kid in his/her belly. And, of course, which one gets to sit in the lazy boy and belch all day.

Now that our "wonderfully advanced" brains have totally ruined the "survival of the fittest" process so crucial to evolution, I think we can assume that if anybody actually "designed" us using themselves as the template, they are right now very, VERY afraid.

I can see it now, after a visit to West Virginia......"In MY image? I don't THINK SO..............."

Yvonne said...

Here's the story of what happened with the committee.