Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tiki Update and Great New Meme!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where your advice is welcome and wanted! We value your comments, because that's how we learn to deal with bad bored gods!

Oh dear readers, the dreadful Tiki now lies in blissful booze-fueled slumber on a bed of leaves! Some time in the 24 hours after I poured a whole bottle of Triple Sec at his feet, he fell over! I guess I got him rip-roarin' drunk.
Exhibit A: Truth in Advertising

My daughter The Heir thinks that when the Tiki wakes up with a morning head he's gonna be worse than ever. What do you think?
Evn tagged me with a witty new meme. I couldn't have thought of a better one in a month of Pagan holidays! Here it is:


Open the drawer closest to your computer, pull out 10 things, and say what they are.

(Evn, this is bloody brilliant. Whovever you work for ought to give you a raise).

Annie's Random Writer's Desk Drawer Objects

1. The first bank book that ever was put into my name, from First Federal Savings and Loan of Hagerstown, 27-33 N. Jonathan St., Hagerstown, MD. Last transaction on last page, 14 July 1978. Withdrawal, $130. I needed some money for Bastille Day. Vive la France!

2.Interesting Scenes Pennsylvania Turnpike: "America's Super Highway." Postcard booklet with 8 cards of the brand-new Pennsylvania Turnpike. Postcard stamps cost 1 1/2 cents "without message." I will sell this to the highest bidder, email me.

3. A bead necklace The Spare bought at the flea market. Sky blue.

4. Mildly used Crest toothbrush. Also available to highest bidder.

5. Crewel embroidery scissors. Wouldn't part with them for the world, so don't ask.

6. Tape measure. So finally I found it! Damn faeries! I've been looking for it everywhere!

7. Another treasure: Dancing Bear stamp from Woodstock Trading Company. Does anyone have an ink blotter?

8. Multicolored lizard pin. Defies any other description. Will autograph for highest bidder.

9. Green ponytail holder with jingle bells, left over from Xmas, perfect for Home Rule Day, highest bidder as above.

10. Tarot of the Holy Grail. Tarot deck based on the Knights Templar and other elements of Medieval mysticism. Possibly the most fascinating Tarot deck I've ever seen.

Oh gosh, now I'm rooting around like I usually do when I'm hunting for a pen, or a pencil, or a paper clip! Can't resist this one last gem:

11. Baltimore Orioles World Series 1983 "American League Champions" pin. Authentic. Pardon me for borrowing from Jimmy Buffett, but, how it got here I haven't a clue. Bids start at $100.

This meme is far too great for a slow spread. I hereby tag everyone who reads my blog today! Open that desk drawer! Spill those secrets!

I love you all.



THE Michael said...

I don't know WHY you insist that the Gods are bored. The Gods ARE within US are they not? We, with these God dudes embedded within us, read blogs, such as these, and thus are entertained. So, Gods within read blogs entitled "The Gods are Bored" and thus are not see the paradox here, right? If you need counseling now that I have destroyed your neat little world, please feel free to call upon me and I will do my best to seem as though I could possibly help you. That's what freinds are for, right?

If I haven't already stated how much I enjoy this blog, please allow me to do so........

wait for it...........





I swear to boring Gods I do!

I need a lottery ticket.......

THE Michael said...


Aquila ka Hecate said...

I open the drawer nearest my computer - I'm at work - and ....I can't find ten things.

What follows is the entire contents of said drawer (I'm a compulsive Neat Person at work):

A copper 5cent coin.For the fairies obviously, to keep my drawer neat.

A wooden toothpick wrapped in cellophane. Fairies are welcome to it.

A pack of 20 Dunhill Light.Danger:Smoking Can Kill You.

A Prismstix blue ballpoint pen. Osiris Trading issue. A spare.

Quasi-religious send up tract "The Other People" from Pathfinder Press.

And some dust- must not forget the omipresent dust, courtesy of the disgusting building site over the road.

Terri in Joburg

EarthCitizen #23 'Scott' said...

OK, my ten items:

1)A compass
2)Gag gift from co-worker:Jesus on a spring dashboard figure
3)NagChampa Incense
4)My Pet Sitting Business Card
5)Box of defunct/god/dess knows what they go to keys
6)a picture of me in Greece that I just used as my profile photo
7)my Fred Sanford box of reading glasses
8)Old Smoke Stone I never could part with because of cool Tree of Life on fire design, inside old tin where I used to keep some smoke in the good ol' days,,,,,sigh!
9)Multicolored Sand from a Tibetan Mandala Ritual performed here two years ago,
10)Seeds for my garden, have no idea what they are?

That was fun!!

Illisse said...

Maybe it's the light but it seems that Tiki's expression has changed. He seems much happier now, but I think the Heir's worries about divine hangovers should be taken into account. The next few days will tell I guess.


yellowdog granny said...

I have one of those computer desks that is just the top, the key board and a bottom drawers..but i have shit all over the place..a small wicker round box full of batteries, a picture of buddha_boy, my daughter, a buddha medalian, my xena pencil holder,my autographed picture of randolph scott,my old hippy toys,calander, 8 west,texas phone books which have 25 pages troy aikman football memorial coin..picture of randy white in the ring of honor, and a big picture of roger staubach and tom landy on the football field talking shop..and last but not least a stack of articles i tore out of the dam news to use for posts...oh and a row of empty dublin dr. pepper bottles...
and you know what?..the gods are never bored over here..

THE Michael said...

Damn! Does EVERYbody keep those batteries in a wicker basket? Spooky........

BBC said...

Now return and finish it off, be sure to take hot dogs and marshmallows and some kindling with you.

Maybe consider some happy naked pagan dancing around the fire?

Anonymous said...


Put him in a long boat til he's sober. Better yet, MAKE him a long boat and set him adrift.


Shehuntstoo said...

10 Things in My Desk Drawer
1.a gazillion return address labels...from all my donations.
2. brand new pack of Crayola washable markers...fat ones.
3.all kinds of paper
4.sample of Calvin Klein Man
5. bone Wunjo rune...all alone cards for the wine business and the Spec Ed mentor work
7. chewed pencil with no eraser
8. safety scissors
9. butterfly totem beanie baby
10. ILY in ASL lapel pin

who knew? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see now:

--Various office supplies that will bear no further description

--Key to 208 So. Indiana, Bloomington, the old School of Letters office. Given me by director Newton Stallknecht in 1970when I was on leave from the Army. Souvenir of this very significant moment of trust & validation; no other use, as the S of L was shut down in 1972 by administrative idiots and the area has long been a parking lot.

--Three interesting rocks &/or pieces of found crockery.

--Battered door sign reading MR. CUNNINGHAM WILL BE BACK SHORTLY, written on a flier from Berea College Traditional Music Festival, 1984.


--Fragmentary copy of Appalachian Heritage, Fall 1977, found in formerly neglected building.

--Handwritten donation letter to school's founder, 1965, found ditto.

--Postcard advising of donation, 1946, found ditto.

--Notecards of drawings of Bloomington, made ca. 1988.

--Xerox of writing magazine cover showing hotel sign: WELCOME WRITERS CONFERENSE.

-Rodger Cunningham

Anonymous said...

*made ca. 1978

Anne Johnson said...

We at "The Gods Are Bored" always feel honored when Professor Rodger Cunningham visits our site. His intelligence is unparalleled in our experience. This is verified by the presence of DUCT TAPE in his office drawer.

Granny, we at TGAB wince at the very thought of your office drawer. The names you evoke -- Troy Aikman (vomit), Roger Staubach (vomit), and Tom Landry (VOMIT) are not something you'd find in any desk drawer within 100 miles of this blog's origin.

Billy, if you would feel comfortable burning that Tiki, then good luck.

yellowdog granny said...

oh wait..i almost forgot..your a 'fecking' eagle fan...nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo..