Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Poem

I think this is from the Carmina Gaedelica.

I will rise early in the morning
I will sing my rune and rhyme
I will go sunwise with my basket
To the nest of my hen
I will place my left hand on my chest
My right hand to my heart
I will seek the loving wisdom of the gods
Abundant in grace, in broods, and in flocks
I will close my two eyes quickly
Moving slowly, as in blind man’s bluff
I will stretch my left hand over there
To the hen’s nest on that side
The first egg which I bring near me,
I will put it withershins round my head
I will put the egg down in my right hand
So there will be one on the basket
I will raise my left hand on high
I will stretch it out quickly
I will lift two eggs down here
There shall then be three in the basket
I will stretch my right hand again
I will lift three eggs at a time
I will seek a ruling from the gods
Then there will be six in the basket
I will raise my left hand a second time
I will take down four eggs with it
In the name of the gods, all powerful
Then there will be ten in the basket
With my right fist of the strongest claim
I will lift two eggs in my fingers
When I’m done, my brood will be complete
From beneath the breast of the speckled hen
I will put soot on their two ends
Not saying a word all the while
In the name of the gods of sea and hill
In the name of the protectors and guides
In the name of Aine, mother of all
In the name of Arthur of sovereignty
I will set the eggs down on Thursday
And the happy brood will come on Friday.




yellowdog granny said...

that's a lot of fucking trouble for an omelet..
wonder what she does for the bacon?... such a hardass..

Aquila ka Hecate said...


Widdershins being spelled as she is pronounced.


Terri in Joburg

BBC said...

I don't do Easter.