Saturday, February 09, 2008

Someone Dumped a Tiki behind My House

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," with malice toward no god and with charity toward all deities!

There is one row of houses behind my house, and after that there's a pond. Today I was driving on the street by the pond, and my daughter The Heir said, "WHOA, MOM, STOP!"

Someone had left a Tiki as tall as me nestled in a rhododendron bush! The Tiki is hidden so that a person driving by can't see it, but a walker or a biker would.

Given the foot/bike traffic on that particular lane, I'm keen to get a photo of the Tiki before someone makes off with it. (That someone would have to be very strong and own a pickup.) In the meantime I called the Monkey Man, because he grew up on that lane, and I'm sure he'll want to see it.

I don't know much about Tikis, but everything about this one is fearsome and suggestive of a bored god with whom one wouldn't want to mess. So I dredged around my car for a suitable offering, found a pin I got for service to disable veterans, and carefully placed it in the leaves at the Tiki's base.

When the gods are bored, they like to relocate. This one looks like it's been on a long, strange trip. Photos to follow.



BBC said...

Hum, a Tiki as in a humanoid form?

dmiley said...

Ok Anne,
How did you know it was a tiki?


blogger ate my last comment.

yellowdog granny said...

as you can see im reading have already made an offering to the tiki god's...your a good pagan..