Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Transition between Big Events

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," water-logged and windshield-fogged, and everything about it blogged!

Last Saturday I undertook the important duty of assessing the relative quality of certain specimens of good ol' H2O. Picture below. You'd never guess from looking at the photo that I'm as poor as a rat in a recycle bucket.

This coming Saturday, religion comes alive at the East Coast Vulture Festival, where I don my sacred Shamanic Vulture Suit to perform Religious Rites of the Highest Importance. If you are in the neighborhood of the Vulture High Mass, please do drop by and say howdy.

You do not need to be a vulture-worshipper to come to the festival. But once you're there we will try to persuade you with offerings of rich desserts and speeches about the ecological importance of the Golden Purifier, a.k.a. Turkey vulture. You may not weep, but you will be changed.

And now I must fly. Good-bye!



yellowdog granny said...

i love festivals..they always sound so.....festive..

Tennessee Jed said...

I had never considered the beast for all its glory before I came to visit Anne here.

Thanks once more for the education.