Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Year, Another Number

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," helping you to connect with your inner god or goddess, or sacred animal, or hallucinatory mushroom! (Well, actually you have to find your own mushrooms.) We don't care how you reach the divine. Just don't stain our furniture while doing it.

Today is my birthday! Yippee! Mr. Johnson treated me to a massage. No, I mean a professional one. It's the first one I've ever had. Imagine that, me being more or less from a spa town.

If you look at my life as a Greyhound bus ride, here's how it would go:

I've already passed through Traumatic Childhoodville and Puberty City (both very hilly). Changed in Puberty City for Youthful Follyton, lots of furniture stains in that burg. From Youthful Follyton it was only a skip and a jump to Learning Land, a pleasant place to spend 4 years despite all the red brick buildings. After Learning Land, Greyhound took me through a series of little towns all known as Jobton. Final destination (or so I thought at the time): The Motor City.

Sadly boarded Greyhound in Motown. Destination: New Jersey, where I've been esconced in Maternity Borough for many years. Side trips to Mid-Life Crisisville, which I prefer to call Paradigm Change City.

The bus is rollin' on. Next stop, Pay4College Point, which you can only get to by taking residence in Suck City. By the time I'm through with Suck City, my feeling is that Greyhound will move me on down the line to Bad Knee Geezerville. I can see the high towers of the orthopedic ward off in the distance.

It's been a long ride, but since I found this blog and all my friends out there in the sphere, it feels like I'm with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters instead of those boring earnest moms in the PTA.

I've also made friends with a Monkey Man and a bunch of people who like to dress up like vultures. So I'm happy enough on the bus.

Thank you for going Greyhound, the energy saver.

OLDHEN (Today's stupid Pagan name)


BBC said...

Happy Birthday.

Try to not stain the furniture.

Angela-Eloise said...

Happy Birthday Anne!

Raevyn said...

Happy Birthday Anne! May all the Bored Gods and Goddesses bless you today and all year round!!

SCOTT said...

I hope that your day was wonderful and a massage is one of the best gifts anyone could receive in my opinion.
I have done many of the Greyhound stops that you mentioned.
I am now visiting SecondWindville, were I have been gathering myself up for the second half of life.
It is not all that bad here, I just think I may stay awhile.
Love you bunches,

Hecate said...

Dear Anne,

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Fellow Piscean! May the Goddess grant you many happy returns of the day! Was the massage wonderful? I saw an article the other day about how good massage is for your immune system. Mr. Johnson must want you around a long time!

Tennessee Jed said...

Happy birthday to you! It is good to be on the bus with you Anne.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Many Happy Returns,Anne. I hope you have many more, and continue to enrich our lives the while.

Strange (or maybe not so strange, now I come to think of it) how many Pisceans write wonderful, thought-provoking and entertaining blogs - in my opinion, anyway.

Terri the Scorpio in Joburg

buddy don said...

i feel lack i cum in a lil late to class, but i shore do wish ye the best of birthdys. gittin thru all them greyhound stops aint easy, but tiz lackly bettern the allturnuttive.

miz bds havin hern tomorrow (3/13), witch tiz also our anniversry. she is in the bizness of givin massages or else i mite give er one too. in sted, i will have to rely on imaginayshun.

hope ye duble yer current count!

Zoey & Me said...

Happy Birthday! Very nice post from one who is heading the "geezerville" or maybe not, you have a wonderful day! Love your blog.

Genhywfar said...

Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsche from the other side of the pond!

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday!

Interrobang said...

Happy birthday!
Bonne fete!
Felices cumpleanos!
Tanjoobi Omedetoo!
Hayom Yom Huledet Simcha!

Ok, there, I'm out of languages. :)

(Go Greyhound, the streetcar killer! I'm hopefully finally on the express trolley to Successful Careerville these days. We'll see.)

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday, Anne!

Aren't massages wonderful. Mmmmm. Now you will be hooked.

Athana said...

Anne, I'm so glad you were born!

Mary Jones said...

happy birthday!