Monday, July 31, 2006

A Bored God Asks for Your Prayers

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How's every little thing in your neck of the woods? Gosh, there are some trouble spots out there, eh? Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Philadelphia.

And then there's the Congo. Run by one of Africa's most despicable dictators (Mobuto Sese Seko) for more than 20 years, then plunged into civil war. Thousands dead, sick, and homeless, year after year after year.

Hey, tough luck. Those are black persons living in a jungle. No oil under those canopies of leaves. So who cares?

Chonganda cares. He's their bored god, and he wants you to pray for a positive outcome in the recent democratic election, first in Congo in 20 years.

On Chonganda's behalf, we at "The Gods Are Bored" petition you to keep Congo in your meditations. Ask your god or goddess to shower those people with peace. Or just take it directly to Chonganda. He's okay, trust me.

So might it be.



Interrobang said...

We also need to find a bored god for Somalia, too, since things aren't looking too swell there, either.

Davo said...

Always beware of countries that call themselves "Democratic Republics" .. heh.

Anne Johnson said...

Now see, Davo, you don't have any trouble being witty! That's right on the mark!