Friday, January 14, 2022

I Stand Corrected

 January 6 was not, as I scoffed last week, a bunch of drunken yahoos run amok. It was a group of terrorists with a plan who drew in a bunch of angry, whipped-up ill-informed rubes.

New indictments handed out (finally) by DoJ. A long article in New York Times Magazine about the officers who were killed or injured due to that riot. Those are the two things that changed my mind.

One can only hope that this country includes enough citizens who don't want to see the government overthrown by bad white men with guns. One can only hope that this country includes voters who don't want their elected officials to glad-hand terrorists in support of an unhinged dictator.

What we need, to keep this from happening again, are some serious penalties. All these goobers have gotten off easy, except the one that was shot. But when you think that we have kept a number of Islamic men in Cuba for decades without a charge, shouldn't we be preparing similar accommodations for the people who planned this Capitol attack?

I have asked myself what these people would have done to Nancy Peolosi, or AOC, or Mike Pence, if they had laid hands on them. Would they have had the nerve to actually kill them? Well, they damn near killed a dozen Capitol police officers and injured dozens more.

So for the record, I went way too easy on the Capitol terrorists. Now the American justice system is doing the same. Pack them off to Gitmo. Deny them shade and Bibles.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, I thought you were uncharacteristically blasé about it.

yellowdoggranny said...

I've wanted hard justice from day one and was more than glad to help dish it out..them fuckers.

Bohemian said...

The Man served 39 Years in the Military defending Democracy, he said it used to be that Treason was punishable by Death... we were unanimous in saying that standard should be brought back. Domestic Terrorism is more insidious than Foreign Terrorism, the Home Grown that threaten to destroy us from within are not as distinguishable until they reveal themselves and their motives... like what happened on Jan. 6th.

e said...

I vote for Gitmo.