Monday, February 05, 2018

Great Joy to Our City

I'm exceedingly pleased to be able to report that the Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Super Bowl.

As an essentially lazy person, I have most often cheered on the teams wherever I happened to live. My home since 1987 has been the Delaware Valley. Therefore, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, I've rooted for the Iggles. It's just easier, you know?

The last time the Eagles won a national championship, I was one year old. Alaska and Hawaii had only been states for a year. The game wasn't even called a Super Bowl. Oh sure, the Eagles have been in the Super Bowl a few times, but they never won it before. On Sunday night they looked so damn fine.

Sports are a great unifying force for communities. When a team does well, it bonds people. On Sunday my next door neighbor, all in her Eagles regalia, brought me dinner. I gave her and everyone at her party a set of green beads. At the moment of victory, all the doors on my block flew open, and everyone spilled into the street. We wisely didn't climb the light poles or stain the furniture, but we sang and cheered and lit a few sparklers. It made me feel young.

My students were happy as well, the boys especially. Today's lesson consisted of analyzing the Super Bowl commercials for their persuasive techniques. Put another way, we watched the best Super Bowl commercials in class. No one complained!

The city is throwing a parade for the Eagles on Thursday. I'm not going to that. I know, I know ... you're saying, "Anne. Get real. You're missing a parade?" Yes, I am. If I can't be in it, why go?

Congratulations, Philadelphia Eagles, on a great season! Anything that brings us all out of our houses on a cold winter night is a-okay with me.


Ravager619 said...

Congrats! Your city has waited far too long for this moment. Enjoy it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, congratulations! I watched the final quarter of the game and was cheering for the Eagles too. I always like to see a team win their first time after a long slog of being denied. When they sacked Tom Brady, it was like a sign from heaven that this was THEIR time!

anne marie in philly said...

E-A-G-L-E-S IGGLES! our team kicked some brady's lying cheating pretty boy ass back to boston where it belongs! HELL YEAH!

Professor Chaos said...

Thank you, Philadelphia for beating that smug Trumper Tom Brady.
And for pre-declining an invite to the White House. Great job, Philly!

mshatch said...

I live in Pats territory though honestly I didn't care if they won or not. Patriots winning would've been like, okay, whatever. I'm happy the Eagles won.


good thing I love you.hah

Dav-vid said...

Um, Anne - perhaps a different perspective, attitudes, but us, here in Australia .. are celebrating our female Soccer teams (especially Sam).

Think on this. Every other European and South American 'multimillion populations' had children growing up with a soccer ball in their cot.
Australia never had that concept. When I was a boy at school - the only options were (in South Australia) Australian rules football, cricket, tennis - or athletics. (am reluctant to comment on the Game 'thugby' ... which Nordamericanos seem besotted by ... wry heh)

At this point in time - oddly enough - from a total population of 24 million ... and yer' try to distil that down to 'percentage of persons aged between 18 and 30' - THEN distil the numbers into males and females.

And wonder why our female soccer team wins world medals?