Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Public School Teachers and Right To Work

Sounds like a boring topic, huh? I can see you stifling that yawn! But don't decamp for Dora the Explorer just yet, because you're in for an Anne rant. I'm rusty on ranting, but it came back today in full force.

You know what schools are? They are the spots that viruses of every kind choose for massive meet-ups. Every day, trillions of germs learn how to write paragraphs and reduce fractions. All while finding new hosts just sitting there waiting to fall ill!

This is one of the reasons why liberal states with strong unions provide decent health care to public school teachers. Mind you, I get a hefty chunk of change pulled from my envelope every pay period to partly cover my healthcare policy. But my policy is still generous. Thank you, thank you, thank you New Jersey Educational Association!

I say this because teachers in 28 states are laboring in "right to work" environments. "Right to work" (kind of like "right to life," huh?) has undercut collective bargaining rights and union clout, leading to lower salaries, and yes, higher insurance payments for teachers.

Teachers. Have you looked at a teacher's salary lately? Like, what we get paid to go sit all day among the frolicking viruses?

If you didn't see this story in the news, read it and WEEP.

Texas is a "right to work" state. But I'm not singling out Texas. This could happen in any "right to work" state.

First of all, I got a flu shot. It was free.

Second of all, if I did get the flu, my prescription of Tamiflu would cost $10.00, not $138. Therefore, I would be able to afford it. I wouldn't have to think twice.

Two children have been deprived of a mother. Probably two dozen second-graders must now deal with the trauma of having suddenly lost their teacher. (And which among those kids will feel guilty for maybe infecting her with the flu?) A loving husband has lost his wife.

Not because of the flu. No. Not because of the flu. This woman died because of RIGHT TO FUCKING WORK. I never heard of a teacher having to pay $138 for a prescription! That would NEVER happen in my state! I could be put on the most $$$$$$$$ medicine that is padding the pockets of the most venal Big Pharma executive, and my co-pay would be at most $20.

This nod to my performance of a difficult, tiring job in a germ-filled atmosphere is due to my union.

Right to work? Why don't we call it right to die?

Stay tuned for Supreme Court decisions that will bring right to die EVERYWHERE.

My heart goes out to this family, to the students and staff, and to all the public school teachers who have the misfortune of living in "right to work" states. Pay your dues, get your union card, and persuade all of your co-workers to do the same. This shit has got to stop.


Ravager619 said...

I 100% agree. What is happening with our health care system as well as "right to work" is criminal. It should be considered "right to die". We've had several flu deaths in San Diego every week, and I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened in at least one of those cases.

Debi said...

I seen that a teacher in a Oklahoma works 4 days a week , then has another job at Walmart so she can pay her rent. Our teachers UP here would go POSTAL. Yes UP HERE their Union is GOD!
The more I am aware of what the hell is going on down there ( thanks to Internet extensive reading) I keep wondering what this invisible American Dream is? Is it basic survival? Seriously 🇺🇸 is lacking in the tribal care dept.
Glad you advocate for the MANT less fortunate.
I suggest one of those BIO, Radoactive WHIT suits as a proper teaching attire!
Be well, Be safe! ❤️Debi

Jono said...

Soon we'll all be working seven 12 hour days at crappy wages. Things have been going downhill since "the great communicator" was in the oval office. Now the spawn of his ideal Murica is running the show. Eventually we will need something like the French Revolution to occur or we will continue to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia.