Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Don't Use Your Phone in the Movie Theater

One of the oldest and most popular features of "The Gods Are Bored" is free advice. I've been doling out free advice for 12 years and sometimes even paying you to take it.

Today's free advice: Don't use your phone for any reason during a feature film in a movie theater.

If you do, you just might be sitting in an early showing of Rogue One, and you just might get a text that says, "Carrie Fisher died" during the first ten minutes of the film.

Then, by the end of the film, you might be weeping openly, throwing yourself on your seat mate, and limping out into the lobby wearing sunglasses.

So, do yourself a favor. When you go to see a movie, turn that phone off and don't dare to look at it until you are safely back in your automobile. The face you save could be your own.

Carrie Fisher: May she have found the Summer Lands. May the Goddess guide her. May she know peace.


Stacy said...

Not where I thought this post was going...I went to see Fantastic Beasts (twice) and glared menacingly and might have called forth a few bored gods to deal with rude cell phone users in the theater.

Hugs and love to you Anne. 2016 has been such a sad and terrible year.

Bob Slatten said...

She was something, wasn't she? I'll miss her wit and wisdom and laughs and tears.


it's ok...her mom's with her.

Mama Kelly said...

We're going to be seeing it (finally) tomorrow. I fully expect to be weeping openly at the end. As it stands, my husband paused on The Force Awakens the other day during one of her scenes and my daughter and I both started getting weepy.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

One last kick in the kernackers by 2016.