Friday, November 25, 2016


I was going to write a blog post today, but I came home from work Wednesday with a cold. I couldn't taste the Thanksgiving dinner I put on the table (Spare helped -- we had seven dishes and two desserts). Today I am worse.

So here is a "lick and a promise," as my mama put it. I'll write when I feel better.

News flash: I now have four readers! Maybe five, if Spare checks in.

It's the anniversary of Decibel's passing, sort of. She flew for the Summer Lands on Black Friday.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ah Decibel, we hardly knew ye. *sob* A sad anniversary.

Hope you feel better soon! Lots of Vitamin C, that's the ticket. Screw those doctors and so-called experts who say otherwise.

Davoh said...

Six (relatively ancient readers ... heh).

Davoh said...

Cure for common cold -
500 ml milk.
4 teaspoons of honey.
One bottle of brandy.

Warm the milk, stir in the honey.
If that doesn't work, drink bottle of brandy ... heh.
(might not cure cold - but you'll forget you have one).


I know how you miss Decibel...will give the Goddess something shiny for you.