Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday Offer from The Gods Are Bored

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Cyber Monday: Buy it here, buy it now!

Just kidding. We aren't selling anything. But we are making you an offer.

Every year in December, The Heir and I attend the Phoenixville Firebird Festival. The citizens of Phoenixville work together to erect a giant bird made of plywood. At a designated time, they set it on fire.
This is quite an amazing event.

The best part of the Firebird Festival is that the organizers accept Intentions and put them into a box that is set inside the bird before it is lit.

Dear readers, those of you who checked back in after my long absence, I have an offer for you.

You can email me your Intention for the upcoming year -- anything you wish to affect for better or worse -- and I will write it on a card and place it in the box.

You have two options: If you are a Facebook friend, you can place your Intention in a private message. If you connect to me via this platform and don't want to put your Intention in a comment, you can email me.

My email is a gmail account and runs like this, you get the drift:

annejohnson17211 at gmail dot com

I feel that these are troubled times. Any time we can turn Intentions into energy, we should do it. The Firebird Festival offers one of these opportunities.

I would say meet me in Phoenixville, but look at the size of that crowd! Send me a message, and you'll be there in spirit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a fab offer, Anne! I will give it some thought and email you soon.

rebelleink said...

this looks to be an awesome event! I wish I could make it (from Oregon) by Saturday. :)

And I am glad you started up the blog again. I always liked your writing and your sense of humor.


my intents? not to punch Trump supporters in the throat.

anne marie in philly said...

debra sent me here.

my intention - to resist. by any means necessary. no compromise.