Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Guest Post: Raevyn

Hi! My name is Rae Lynn, and a lot of people know me as Raevyn. Mostly, I'm just plain Rae. Anne might not know, but this is my first foray into guest blogging so please be gentle with me ... hahaha...

I've just realized something. I might just be a bad Pagan. I'm just too busy. Today was the first day of my _second_ new job in less than three months (I'm currently doing both a full time and a part time gig at the same time). Plus I have a husband, three grown kids, a beagle, a ginger tabby and two female guinea pigs. This zoo's full, folks. Catch the next Ark.

So I made myself a promise recently. Because this new addition to my chaotic life is probably permanent (ie now that I have work circus as well as home circus), I'm determined to take 5 minutes out of each day. Just 5. Maybe 10. And just do _something_ to honour the Gods and the Ancestors. Say a thanks for an answered prayer, or mentally go through my day and count my blessings, or even just to let my mind go completely blank, and allow myself to relax.

And breathe.

And pray for the strength to keep up the frenetic pace they seem to think (and possibly delight in) I can handle!

Do you do this? I'd love to hear about unique little rituals you do purposely, or even accidentally.

Thank you Anne, for asking me to do this! I had so much fun!


Terraluna said...

I also get too busy to have one of those "daily practice" things I hear about. But every evening, I go outside and I tell the universe how beautiful she is. She likes that.

Maebius said...
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Maebius said...

I like what Terraluna said about appreciating the Universe. I like to nibble a sprig of mint from the huge wild patch in our yard as a sorta-kinda DailyRitual. Also when I go to work, I pause for all of 5 seconds to look up at the stars, or clouds. (or rain,etc)
It's those little things, that we probably don't even notice ourselves doing that are almsot more important than the Big Events and "Proper Pagan" stuff, when it comes down to it. Internalizing the spirituality, rather than externalizing it.

...and as for a first guest-post, Kudos! you did great!

Anonymous said...
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Anne Johnson said...

Thanks again, Rae, for your post. I find that lighting candles, outside and in, helps to focus the mind, if even for a moment. I admit to leaving candles burning on my altar unattended. The altar is right under a smoke detector ... and has a Bridget's Cross behind it. My outdoor shrine does not get lit up in dry weather. Otherwise, I have a candle out there in a hurricane globe. I get hurricane globes at the thrift store and yard sales. Ever the practical overworked Pagan, me.