Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time To Pray

In the interest of keeping up with some of the Dominionist agenda, I subscribed to a couple of their email lists. Yesterday I got an email from Charisma Media that said "IT'S A NATIONAL EMERGENCY."

Curious as to what this national emergency might be, I opened the email.

The nature of the national emergency was not revealed in the email. Instead, through a big, bright picture, Charisma Media urged its readers to pray every day at 9:11.

The email didn't specify a.m. or p.m., so I assume that is up to you.

Readers, I urge you to pray every day at 9:11. Your deities need to be kept up-to-date on nebulous national emergencies. I would go farther and say that as Pagans, our deities need to be part of this prayer agenda, because what we see as a process of civilized growth might be viewed by some people as a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

Pray today and every day!

If you need a deity to pray to, there's a new bored god posted in my sidebar every 24 hours, thanks to GodChecker.



Maebius said...

drat, I'm not seeing your sidebar. Pesky work firewall making most blogger sites "plain text".

So I'll pick my own Bored Deity for today, and help prevent this NATIONAL EMERGENCY as best I can. ;)

Does this count as "advice" from you also, with the conditional recompense-clauses intact? *winks slyly*

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, spread those prayers around!