Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nail-Biting in Snobville

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," and I hope that any and every, and every EVERY bored deity drops His or Her knitting and comes here post-haste!

My daughter The Heir is scheduled to graduate from college a week from Friday. She has never gotten below a B in any of her courses, and she managed to double-major. Her collection of paintings won a prize for creativity bestowed by some well-heeled alumnus.

This young woman has crossed every t and dotted every i through 16 years of education, and most of it has been stuff she didn't like doing.

Try though she might to schedule a course, she was unable to fulfill her university's science requirement until the final semester of her senior year. Then, she had scheduling conflicts for the courses that might have been easy.

She wound up in Neuroscience. If she doesn't pass it, I don't know if she'll be wearing that cap and gown the university loaned her last week. Going into the final, she's sporting an encouraging "D."

The Heir has been trying to find out what the procedure is for students like herself, and the university is being less than helpful. Her advisor won't answer her emails. The deans are playing pass-the-buck. And Heir is trying, really trying to pass Neuroscience, a discipline she knew nothing about before taking it.

So, along with the bored gods, I'm asking for your energy and support as Heir takes the final exam on Thursday.

Our country needs to re-think the whole idea of "liberal arts education," if an honor student can't get a degree without a rigorous and completely irrelevant science class.

Gods and Goddesses, please be with The Heir.


Anonymous said...

As someone who barely passed any math or science course (and got shaming and criticism for lack of skills in this area) sending over MUCH support and good thoughts to you and The Heir.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I call on Sarasvati, Goddess of Learning, to be with The Heir and help her pass Neuroscience! Be it so!

Tallah said...

May the Allfather Odin bestow his wisdom upon the Heir and kick some serious administrative ass!

BellaDonna said...

What Tallah said. And may Ma'at's feather of justice wrap around the Heir and give her the justice she deserves (with a little help from Sekhmet, if needed!)
::fangy grin::

Anonymous said...

How'd it go? Sending good thoughts....

Maebius said...

Sending Liught and Luck, and Love, and all that L'ishness your way.

(a bit past Thursday, but with the hopes that it all went well, and if not, the extra warm fuzzy vibes resolve any ongoing conflict for the best next!)


candles lit, prayers sent

Chas said...

Didn't that fancy college have a "General Science for Poets" class? That's how I got through Reed's requirements.