Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Advice on spell work

I just totally and completely forgot to tell my three readers that next year, 2013, I will have some entries in the Llewellyn Spell Calendar! I wrote them last summer, and Llewellyn took a few of them. This is very humbling, given the many folks out there who know so much more about spell work than I do. Much of the spell work in my tool kit concerns predicting the future, and it comes from my grandmother, who learned it from her mother, who learned it who-knows-where. All those foremothers of mine were deeply into omens.

The tricky part about spell work is that you don't want to harm anyone, either directly or indirectly.

I did a spell out in Western Maryland to save a tract of land from being bulldozed and developed into an uber suburb. When the project was scuttled, amidst widespread disdain in the Maryland press and among the state's environmentalists, I thought my spell had turned out just dandy. Then I read that the developer who planned to execute the super-burb had gone bankrupt. He was unable to construct required street lights in developments he had already built -- and the good citizens who had the bad luck to buy from him were being attacked and burgled in the darkness of their neighborhoods.

See how you have to think out spell work like a spider-web, considering all the contingencies and possibilities before doing the spell?

It's pretty paralyzing, I must admit.

The easiest spell work for intentions is done for self-improvement, but think through that as well. Someone who likes you the way you are now might not like the spell-enhanced you.

It never ends. Exercise caution. Think deeply before working an intention.

Update on that developer. He has found new investors and is making noises about the super-burb again. He still owns that tract of land out in Western Maryland. Do you see my dilemma? I want to do more work, but:

1. I will not be going out to my farm anymore (it's in the vicinity), and

2. I don't want some little kid hurt in a dark house because of this developer moron.

Any suggestions you have about this and any other intentional spell work will be warmly welcomed.


BellaDonna said...

I find that for spells like that, a good way to word it at the end is: "with harm to none, and with the best outcome for all." And don't be too specific about HOW the deity/ies should make things happen; give Them the free rein to do as they see fit. Just my two cents...


no talent at that

Anonymous said...

What bella donna said. Also, maybe ask that the developer get enlightened in regards to an eco-friendly village with big green-belt areas. Uber-suburbs are so '50s.
--Kim, on vacation