Monday, September 06, 2010


Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," day-before-school-opens edition! Teacher Annie is going back to the Vo-Tech smack in the midst of a Mercury retrograde for the ages!

Whoa. Are you having as much trouble with this retrograde as me? I just had to chase a red-tailed hawk (joovy) off Decibel's bird cage! So much for the front porch, Decibel my dear. When the hawk's looking for a picnic supper, it's time to bring the parrot inside.

Today's sermon: Hawks in Dove Clothing

When I'm wrong, I'll admit it. I was wrong when I said that the people who wanted to build an Islamic community center near Ground Zero ought to build it elsewhere, just to be on the safe side.

There is no safe side.

This week, on September 11, our nation's finest morons will be protesting at mosques near and far. So my troll was right, there's no point in moving your building plans, because the morons will find you and blame the bunch of you for the deeds of a few on the lunatic fringe.

On Saturday, a place that gives Oxymoron a whole new depth of meaning, the Dove World Outreach Center is going to have a good old-fashioned Koran Burning. Yes, 21st Century America, holy books will be burned. And not out of hate, according to the fine young morons at this place, but because "Islam is Evil."

The Dove World Outreach Center is in Gainesville, Florida. That little town is quite a distance from Ground Zero. It's even a haul to get to Miami from there.

Hey, Gainesville! Are you gonna let this happen? Would you rather be famous for your Gators, or this abomination? Prove Glenn Beck right about universities being "reeducation camps." Use your reeducation to counter protest this moron douchebag book-burning into the ground!

Talk about ironic. The Spare is cramming on her summer reading project, which was 1984. Whenever I hear about any books being burnt, be they the Koran or Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets, my blood just boils! Big Brother burns books. Not citizens of an educated democracy.

But what really sticks in my craw is the name of this bunch of book-burning bastards. The Dove World Outreach Center! When did doves become symbolic for one religion's hatred of another? Even more despicable ... both religions pay homage to the same busy god!

Oh, Mr. YHWH! Excuse me, but your followers are behaving stupidly again. Can you take five from the gazillion prayers you have to answer and deal with this? I don't believe you can pass the buck on this one, even to Jesus. You've got to deal with it yourself. Oh, wait. Didn't deal with it in 1099, not gonna deal with it now. (I sure would like to see this deity's schedule. He's way past "gym, tan, laundry.")

I'm afraid my friend Hecate might actually be right. Wingnut morons who heave Islam's holy book into the fire would gladly heave people (including Pagans) into a blaze ... or at least a jail. All they need is enough support amongst themselves and a couple of ballot boxes.

Dove World Outreach Center ... change your name to reflect your true nature. I humbly suggest Napalm in the Morning World Center of Shame Heaped upon Your Savior. I know it's a mouthful, especially for your high-grade brand of moron, but work on it. Fits you like gloves. Cuz you sure as hell ain't doves.


Hecate said...

I saw a vulture today and immediately thought of you. That's a compliment!

Good luck this year at school!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Appalling. Just appalling.

Sarita Rucker said...

Isn't it so wonderful how everyone gets along in this country? We really know how to work together and coexist peacefully! the way, I've heard that they don't have a permit for a big fire like they would need to burn books, so I'm pretty sure that they'll get in trouble for it.

Lori F - MN said...

I also heard that the county/city wouldn't give them a permit to burn. Since they insist they are going to burn, I bet they will be waiting to haul someone to jail.
But I agree, their name is ironic and totally misleading.
Good luck at your first day of school.

Lori F - MN said...

I just went to their website. You have GOT to read their 10 reasons for burning the Koran.
I agree with only one of their 'reasons'. Islam is totalitarian. The Koran is law. The problem is that Christians are trying to make the Bible law.

sott'Eos said...

He doesn't seem all that busy:

Intense Guy said...

I don't support burning of any book - if the reader hasn't the brains to critically review what he is reading perhaps his/her education is lacking.

I think the hatemongering of Islam is in part due to our (the US, I almost hate to claim it as mine) government's totally ineffective handing of internal security (the TSA is a laughing stock) and the Department of Homeland (in)Security is a bottomless money pit that produces no positive (publicized) results.

In times of unemployment and financial distress - the pointless wars in Iraq, Iran, and Affyland only irk the thinking citizens in this country - while the govenment continues to pay little to no heed to its own more enlightened citizens.

The demonization (brainwashing propaganda) spouted by our own government only justifies their own means - more tax money to spend on themselves and the most ignorant of the masses can't seem to see through the smokescreen.

9/11 was allowed by the TSA's useless screening combined with billions of dollars thrown away on "intelligence"- dollars that seemed to only pay for finger pointing ("the it's not our fault/mission to protect the public" nonsense spouted by the CIA et al) instead of protecting the US citizen.

The nonsense continues on today - I could hardly keep from laughing at Obama when he did a "George W Bush" and called the comabt mission in Iraq "mission accomplished". Yeah right.... Given we had no business over there - and no defined "mission", how does a thinking US citizen know the mission is "over"?

Lori F - MN said...

A top American General who is over in Iraq right now warned that the burning of the Koran will cost solders their lives. [That ought to make Fred Phelps happy]
Here's the Dove Outreach response -

I can't believe the church's lawyer said that burning the Koran is protected by the 1st amendment. It might be, but Burning without a permit is still illegal. And the Fire marshall - bless him - won't give him the permit.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd go so far as to claim that anyone who would burn the Qur'an would also heave people into a fire. That's a rather large assumption. As much as I disapprove of this type of protest, it is their right to protest. Just like all the other millions of books that have been burned over the years, Bibles included. Gainsville will probably allow it as long as it doesn't become a full scale riot, and THAT is where the fear really is. I don't think they're protesting right either, but it is their opinion. They believe Islam is evil and, you just can't stamp out opinions.

Unfortunately, this whole issue has gone way beyond someone building a mosque on 9/11 grounds.

Alex Pendragon said...

"I don't think I'd go so far as to claim that anyone who would burn the Qur'an would also heave people into a fire. That's a rather large assumption."


Did someone here miss some history lessons?

Hayden said...

humm... have to agree with you on the books & people burning. In fact, would go so far to say that the book is only a substitute for - and a threat of - people burning.

The entire purpose of doing something so public and dramatic is to call attention to a militant determination to forbid free religion and thought. And pagans have been on the burning edge of that battle for millennia.