Saturday, September 11, 2010


Amidst all the calls for tolerance today, I think we perhaps should remember that some things require intolerance.

It is intolerable to inflict harm out of religious fervor. Civilized and moral people do not commit such acts.

It is intolerable to burn reading materials that are held important or sacred by other people. Even if those reading materials advocate violence against others. (I wouldn't know if the Koran does. I only know the Bible.)

It is intolerable to allow one crazy preacher from one tiny church to represent our nation in the worldwide media. But that is what has happened because we let it happen. He was news. We ran with it. Including me.

The Internet is broadcasting our First Amendment to the entire globe, and people of some nations can't comprehend it. I'm open to suggestions -- what can we do about this?

In the meantime, it's well to remember that any of us could become a terror victim. Seize the day, embrace the Divine, live like that plane's coming for you tomorrow. Although I sure hope it doesn't!




the crazies are running the asylum

kimc said...

I am reading The Haj by Leon Uris. I have read parts of it aloud to my partner. We are appalled by how sick and sad the culture of the Muslims of the region is. We discuss their freedom to believe what they want, their right to their culture, and whether or not we have to "respect" it. The culture is so horrible to women, but also to everyone. It's all rivalry and distrust and violence and cruelty and fatalism and rejection of anything new and being appalled at honesty. Another honor culture I guess.
Where is the line between "it's their culture" and "intolerable"?