Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sunday, July 4

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where no deity scores an Epic Fail! Winning and losing is for baseball, not religion. Everything needn't be a contest. Sheesh!

Every now and then the Fourth of July falls on a Sunday and throws a monkey wrench into everyone's holiday plans. What is the Fourth without a morning parade? I guess we're gonna find out, because no town I know of would ever schedule a parade to conflict with church services.

Those of us who don't plan to don patriotic attire and toddle into the Methodist sanctuary in red heels might actually use Sunday, July 4 to a higher purpose.

Let us join in serious silent meditation for our nation and our planet and try especially to address the imbalances between our nation's consumption and our planet's preservation.

Whoa. Look at all those big words! No way will the Tea Party be able to read that!

On Sunday, July 4, you should:

1. Petition the deity or deities of your choice to send this country down a better road, and

2. Petition the deity or deities of your choice to save our planet.

If your deities are anything like mine, They will lob your petition right back at you and say, "DIY."

Know what? They're right!

What will you do to save the world? Me, I'm off to the laundromat. Laugh if you like, but those big ol' machines save energy by the fistfuls!


Hecate said...

Let us join in serious silent meditation for our nation and our planet and try especially to address the imbalances between our nation's consumption and our planet's preservation.

I am so there.

Emily said...

1) Here in Pittsburgh, which is quite a (Catholic) religious town, lots of things are still happening in the morning tomorrow. Perhaps the cancelled parades are just local to your area.

2) Do unto others as you would have done unto you: us Tea-Partiers firmly believe that NO ONE has the right to impinge upon anybody else's rights. The right to breathe clean air is one example of a right that I don't want trodden upon, which means it is in the collective interest of all freedom-loving people to find a way to live without impinging upon the rights of others. I know an _awful_ lot of Tea Party folks who would be really mad about the slander you lobbed their way, when all they want to do is protect the air you breathe and the right for you to say into that air anything that you wish.

THE Michael said...

Emily, read back what you just wrote and seriously, see if it makes any sense whatsoever. If it does, then Emily, I would retire from any more attempts at critical thinking before you pull a mental muscle or something. Believe me, Emily, I would LOVE to find a way NOT to impinge upon these precious "freedoms" you claim we are all out to "inpinge" upon, but yes, we would love to breathe clean air, but of couse, we would have to "inpinge" upon the right of hard working coal miners to pollute that air, now wouldn't we. Never mind, Emily, I'm sure the logic of what I just said to you escapes you and those paranoid clueless friends of yours.

Anne, one of the joys of our freedom of speech is the comedy it provides us courtesy of those who have no idea how to use it.


Leviathan said...


Emily, here on the OTHER side of Pittsburgh, we observe that Tea Party anger, as usual, does not lend itself to any real solutions.

Ahem, "drill baby drill", does that ring a bell? How does that mesh now with the rights of Gulf residents to fish in clean water? Whose rights are more important, yours or BP's?

The Tea Party offers no real solutions--certainly not any that involve having to raise cleanup money by taxing corporations and the wealthy. Volume, and angry white people? Oh yeah, that they're good at.

I pray for the ecological AND psychological healing of our world. Deliver us from the angry, loud ones. Amen.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Independence Day!

Anne Johnson said...

If I can say anything I like into the air, it is that I don't give a fig whether I anger tea party attendees or not. Their complaints against "Big Government" are selective to an absurd degree, and I cringe to think what would happen if they were to gain significant political clout. Strange that we heard nothing from these patriots during the years of George W. Bush.

Pom said...

First of all I envy you your trips to the laundromat. All of the laundry done in 2 hours vs the all day job it ends up being in our house. It's a money, energy, and time saver. Kudos!

All I hear from the Tea Party are cries of money they're losing and "personal responsibility" (when arguing against health care - "you get sick it's your effing problem" they say). I have no use for their demands of "smaller government" because the first ones cut out of government will be "we the people". Greed and venom are about all they spew.

Alexandra said...

Dear Emily,
We might have diffrent politics but we live on the same planet.
I disagree with the Tea party folks about weellll...pretty much everything I have heard them say in fact. I'm afraid that while they talk about wanting to protect peoples rights they have a limited view of what those rights are. I'm sure I have many beliefs that you would disagree with also.
Having said that, you know what? Emily if you want to protect our air and water from pollution then I'm with you; We might disagree about everything else but on that one issue let's be on the same side? And while were at it I say let's protect the water and the air it's self, not just our right for it to be clean, because important as rights are, if big corporations ignores them, well, one the oil is in the water its hard to get out again whatever our rights might be.
In the spirit of Anne's 'DIY' message from the Gods, here's some where we can start!
Lifehacker have a good list of reputable charities who are working in the Gulf of Mexico;

Bright blessings,

Intense Guy said...

This DYI'er needs some instructions.

I hate to be pessimistic, but beyond "prayer" I don't know what's gonna help.