Thursday, July 08, 2010

Never Mix, Never Worry

I have been told to join a group blog using my Google account. This is a professional blog that I am supposed to join.

I am not going to do it. I've been with Blogger since 2005, I like Blogger -- no offense to you WordPress folks out there -- and this is my thing, right here.

I have made a point not to talk about my work here at this site. And I know that this blog can be seen by anyone in the world. But to link it purposefully to a work-related site. eeeek. Not gonna happen.

I was here first with "The Gods Are Bored." If having this blog and not being willing to contribute to another (save through anonymous comments that will be lengthy and signed at the end) means I'll get fired, then phooey. Start filling out the pink slip.

My many close friends among the bored gods --with the possible exception of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who wants to be written into classroom curriculum -- feel that matters of church and state should remain separate. I'm not relocating my religion blog because some educational consultant got the bright idea to open up a site on Blogger.

HERE you will find "The Gods Are Bored." I like it here. Feels like home.

All hail the Sacred Thunderbird, etc. etc. You know the drill, and the drill is HERE.


THE Michael said...

Bravo! Take it to 'em, Anne!

However, you can start a new, anynomous account not connected to this one easily enough. Just need to make up a new gmail address. In China I'm "The Man who make many pagan hooey"....In Russia, "The Chronicles of Comrad Pendragon, All Glory to Putin", and my favorite one of all, "Make Glorious Love and Leaf Piles for The Pendragon Great Big House", in one of those old Eastern block countries whose name I can't pronounce.

Celestite said...

I like blogger too.
I do have a professional blog and my pagan blog and never the twain shall meet. I have separate accounts. Different names, different gmail. Google knows it's me because of my ISP, but there is no linking of the sites.
Just a thought in case you are really getting pressured.

The Traveler said...

I've done the seperate account thing to appease those at work and various other groups that I do not want coming together. Generally I make them then forget about them, thereby leaving them to rot in seclusion until one day I randomly remember them, rush to the computer hoping I didn't forget to feed and water them too long and they've died, only to realize that I have no idea what clever login name and password I came up with for them. I hope some kind soul has taken them in at this point, perhaps to some sort of duplicate account orphanage.

Sarita Rucker said...

I was also about to say that you can make another account for the blog that you're supposed to contribute to.

I can totally understand not wanting the work life connected to your regular blog (if I lived in a different part of the country, and if my situation in life were different, I might also make that decision) but that doesn't have to be the case for you to participate in this work blog.

Kathryn said...

And, nothing says that you have to blog every day. Just blog once a week. Then they can't say that you aren't active. But what hooey to make somebody blog.......mumble, grr, gnashing of teeth.......

Intense Guy said...

Nice thing about free webmail is that you can have a bazzillion accounts...

Just don't ever check the "remember me" box and always make sure you are where you think you are!