Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FTLOFF: The War on Acronyms

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," still broadcasting from the shore of the mighty Chesapeake Bay. What a lovely spot. Today the weather is fine, and I wish you were here.

Last evening, Mr. Johnson and I stopped by a local eatery to get some soft shell crabs. The sign in front of the dining establishment said "AUCE Crabs Mon-Thur."

Mr. Johnson said, "What are auce crabs?"

Then and there, I declared The Great Gods Are Bored War on Acronyms!

It was bad enough when crabs were "All U Can Eat." But "AUCE?"

This has gottten OOH (out of hand). FTLOFF (for the love of fruit flies), are we descending into the Orwellian nightmare of 1984, just 26 years behind schedule?

Well, here at The Gods Are Bored, we have occasionally acronymed our title. No more! When you come here, everything will be spelled out for you in that sweet, old-fashioned way! Down with acronyms! The pox take all acronyms! A plague upon the house of all acronyms!

In other news, we at The Gods Are Bored were driving some back roads here in the wilder parts of the Chesapeake, and we found the residence of the FVPOTUS.

See what I mean about acronyms? The devil's spawn, I say!

Laugh out loud, just kidding smiley face, see you later! Best friends forever. Ta ta for now.


Debra She Who Seeks said...


Illisse said...

Try being dislexic (I know its spelled wrong) and everyone just has to use acronyms becuase their to lazy to say/write the whole word. I'm with you Anne! It's high time someone called acronyms out for being the demon seed that they are!

Maebius said...

IMHO, they can GTFO and DIAF.
LOL. ;)

Alex Pendragon said...

It appears that even acronyms have accents....down here we call it AYCE.....and yes, it looks like acee to me!

Makarios said...



i would have been sitting there for a week and still not figured that out.

Pom said...

Laughing my ass off

Intense Guy said...

I've seen AYCE before.. not that I remembered what it meant...

I hate acronyms in emails and documents - I mean.. digital ink is sooooo cheap... spelling it out couldn't cost much...

kimc said...