Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wind Shifts

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," honoring all deities from Neolithic to Not Really Mythic! I'm your host, Anne Johnson. Don't forget that name.

On September 1, I commence a brand new job as a high school teacher. I will have three classes of freshmen and three of sophomores. The classes are likely to be large. The classroom is small. I will be busy from dark to dark, even in these pre-equinox weeks.

The other night I lit up my new Shrine of the Mists from stem to stern, with candles at the four quarters and a phalanx of tea lights. In the process of meditating, I learned that Cernunnos will be my Companion in this endeavor. Even though my new job brings me into a concrete building, He will accompany me. When I return home (twice a week it will be after 9:00 p.m.), Queen Brighid the Bright will warm my hearth. What can be unbearable with this much help?

I am very mindful of the Establishment Clause in our Constitution. I am not going to discuss my theological views with my students. My faeries must remain anonymous. That's as it should be.

What I will do, no matter what, is keep "The Gods Are Bored" as lively and as updated as ever. This little blog is my oasis of sanity in a wild, wild world. Its theme of respect for deities everywhere and of every time will continue.

I will also endeavor to continue my personal mission to improve the quality of my upholstery and yours. In fact, I foresee a whole series of posts on choosing and maintaining the proper interior for your new car. You won't want to miss that, so check here early and often.

When Samhain comes I'll host a few Grand Tours to promote understanding of the holiday. When winter comes, the buzzards will return to Wenonah, and I will once again don the 40-pound vulture mascot suit. Spring will bring the Fairie Fest. The Wheel of the Year will still turn, I'll just have to push a lot harder at the plow.

I feel like I'm stepping off a cliff. I'm a writer who has to learn to be a teacher ... while in mid-air.

Bless me, bored gods. My aim is true.


Lyon said...

Best of luck to you in your new job! How exciting and terrifying at the same time. It -does- sound like you have some excellent help and like you are going to be tiiiiiiired - just remember to take a breath now and then, you'll make it rock. =)

Celestite said...

Putting in a good word with the fairies, they will help out.
You will love it!

Sarita said...

With those two to help you you should be fine. :)

Aquila ka Hecate said...

..especially Cernunnos.
If he doesn't scare the crap out of the students that is.
Terri in Joburg

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

Have a wonderful first day!!

Olivia Johnson said...

MOM YOUR GONNA KICK ASS! um well...i mean..kick butt! just remember that you have such a lovely beautiful daughter like me at home..and im modest too! In all seriousness mom don't worry about a thing you are so talented and you have a loving family, i believe that you can really change some of these kids! I'm with you all the way, you've raised me too be the girl described above :)...(man i just can't go a second without a joke) and i know it wasnt an easy job but you did it and now here i stand about to go into my sophmore year of highschool and im changing my life all because of you! And as a wise old man once said: Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together!


you my friend are my hero...I'm proud to know'll be the best teacher those kids will ever have.

Pom said...

The very best teachers are those who've raised their children and STILL want to be around more kids. You'll be wonderful!

Hecate said...

Sending bright blessings your way

Rick Loftus, M.D. said...

Anne, you will be a beacon to your students as you are to all of us. Stay gold.... Sending you blessings! They will love you.

THE Michael said...


Thank you so much, Anne, for not abandoning us as you step off that cliff into your new life of saving these young minds from themselves. I will feel so good knowing that you are imparting something intangible to the world at large yet VERY tangible to those of us out here who might cross paths with these kids. There might be hope for us yet thanks to you.

But to leave this blog? Might as well usher in the rapture!

Go get 'em, girl!

(Oh, and the spare demonstrated the effect of Anne Johnson on rug rats)

mrsb said...

Still need dinorsaurs?

Anne Johnson said...

Always need dinosaurs!!!!

mrsb said...

Can you email me your address? I found a few packs of small ones!

mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com