Saturday, August 29, 2009

Robert Menendez: Moron du Jour

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we've spent more than $500 this week on doctor bills, including $119 for a brand-name medication that the doctor insists upon. And we have insurance!

Yesterday, fresh back from handing my grocery money to the pharmacy, I picked up my mail and found there an expensive handbill. The front of the handbill says, "Robert Menendez Is Working To Pass Consensus Bipartisan Health Care Reform That Will Make Sure People Can Get Quality Health Care Today And In The Future."

Then there are little bullet points about being able to "buy new insurance" if you lose your job, no denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions, and a cap on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

On the other side, there's another big headline: "Senator Robert Menendez is working to lower health care costs and make sure everyone can get and keep health insurance -- even it they get sick or lose their job."

This flier was paid for by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (emphasis added), and some group called Families USA. I'm not even going to waste my time looking into "Families USA." Anything with a title like that has no other agenda than to lay waste and ruin upon 99 percent of the families in the USA.

The flier instructed me to phone Senator Menendez and thank him for his hard work on health care. So I called him. Left a message. Not a friendly, touchy-feely, "I'm behind you 100 percent, Bob" kinda message. The best I can say about it was that I didn't curse.

Then I decided that maybe a phone call wasn't enough. So I emailed Sentaor Menendez, my friggin blue state senator. Here is the text of my email:

"Yesterday I got an expensive mailing from your friends at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, asking me to thank you for 'working to pass consensus bipartisan health care reform.'

"You must be mistaking me for a moron.

"Senator Menendez, you are a Democrat in a state that overwhelmingly voted for 'change' in the most recent election. If you do not support the Democratic health care reforms, including public option, the next change may be in your employment status.

"I'm sure once you're voted out of office, you'll find a nice consulting job with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Are they bankrolling you now? It sure looks that way."

Friends, I am in a blue funk over this. If a Democratic senator in one of the most liberal states in America is slobbering over "bipartisanship" on behalf of Big Pharma, what chance in hell do we have of providing health care for our citizens?

I'll answer that. None.


Anonymous said...

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Pom said...

^^^^ HUH??^^^^

YOU GO GIRL! I give you mad props for handling yer bizness! Sen. Moron isn't original - our elected officials have been screwing us over for a few bucks for years and years but sometimes calling 'em on it makes us feel a little better even if it accomplishes little. Of course they got away with a lot more prior to the intertubes and our ability to blast news out there quickly and virally. Maybe their end's coming... One can hope.

Bring on the 3rd party POTUSes!

Anne Johnson said...

*temptation touch me not*

Lori F said...

Anon, WFT? How does this relate to Anne's topic? Peddle that spew somewhere else!

Anne, Sick um! You Go Girl! I'm sure Family USA is one of those groups that insist that a family is mommy, daddy and babies. lots and lots of babies. mommy stays home barefoot and preggy, daddy makes just enough money to pay the bills, and everyone goes to church in salvation army clothes a decade out of style. oh, and is beaten with the bible if they question anything and everything.

Anon's rant got me thinking about this again...
Is it just me or has anyone else wondered what the state of the world would be if Adam had accepted his culpability with Eve's apple? Ya know, "God, I am so sorry. Eve said it was delish and I was curious. I didn't realize what one bite would do. Will you forgive me? Forgive us?"
There, that wasn't so hard? Face it, Adam was a wuss.

Raven~ said...

Anne, My I reference this post in a comment at FB Group Episcopal Network for Economic Justice?

Vitriol has it place ;-)

Sometimes, it is *good* to be the bitch (heh heh heh)


Raven~ said...

ooops .... that was supposed to be "May I reference ... " SIGH


first of all..yeah, for you...kick some ass...
second of all who the fuck is anonymous and why are they babbling?

Owlthena said...

I love your response to the senator, thanks for sharing, it really made my day!!!! and i second yellowdogs response to Anonymous,
and good luck teaching this year