Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Limbaugh Legacy

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," searching high and low for our sass! Must be here somewhere. Maybe I put it in the washing machine and forgot to get it out.

Oh, here it is, in my suitcase! A little light dusting, and good as new!

While I was visiting my sister, I went to her church for a morning show. Why would I do that? Well, she plays the piano, and her husband plays the guitar, and a former high school teacher of mine plays the cello. And they were all going to play. So I went to hear them. And they were good, if you like listening to seven verses of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."

The pastor was sick that morning, so my brother-in-law more or less led the service. What he did was turn it into a Quaker meeting, inviting anyone who wanted to give a testimonial to do so.

Most of the testimonials were what you would expect at such a bash. People either thanked God for healing them or asked God to heal them. One pretty gal told a story of how an angel helped her drive through an ice storm.

Then this old dude stood up. He had an oxygen machine. I can't remember what he said exactly, but here's the jist of it.

"I don't mind bein' controversial. It's just who I am. And I'm a-gonna go down to that Town Hall Meetin' with Senator Cardin. I've got it all written out what I'm a-gonna say. And this is it: I'm gonna tell Senator Cardin that the guvmint can come and kill me any time they're ready, cuz I know where I'm goin'. I'm goin' to meet Jesus. It ain't fair that after a long life a hard work I gotta be targeted fer death cuz I'm old and sick, but these guvmint people gonna have to answer fer that. Not me. I'll be with Jesus."

That was last Sunday. By cracky, I sat down to watch Countdown with Keith last night, and there he was, the dude from Sis's church! He got shown on both Countdown and The Rachel Maddow Show. I guess they were looking for a prime Exhibit A Health Care Wacko, and he fit the bill.

However, this poor man will not go into the infamous Gods Are Bored "moron file." He is not a moron. He just believes what he hears on t.v. and radio. And he's scared. Never mind that stuff about being ready to meet Jesus. If he was ready to meet Jesus, he'd just unplug the oxygen machine and go for a jog in the hot summer sun. He's scared! The pernicious misinformation being spewed by plump insurance companies and right wing talk shows is causing panic in people who probably have enough real worries that they don't need fake ones.

The uncle I visited on the family farm was a Rush Limbaugh devotee for lo, these many years. Never mind the fact that Uncle's children, nieces and nephews served as his social safety net -- otherwise he'd have needed every single socialist service our government doles out -- he believed Rush. Good ol' Rush.

But something has happened. Uncle's cognition is declining. He got a preliminary statement from a recent hospital visit: $40,000 in charges for a six-day stay. He freaked. With tears brimming in his eyes, he said to me, "I can't pay this. What will I do? I can't pay it."

With malice toward government social services, right wing radio/television celebrities have managed to convey a message to senior citizens, especially those who are ailing: You don't deserve to live. This message is sent in two ways. The belittling of domestic spending sends a subconscious message to listeners like my uncle -- If he's using evil, socialist Medicare, he'd be better off dead. The smear campaign against health care reform is even more direct -- you'll be told when to die. The sooner the better.

This is the legacy our hard-working seniors are reaping from right wing brainwashing. They're being told, in essence, that since they can't go out and earn money anymore, they're a burden. Pulling the rest of us down. Granny's on Medicare and Medicaid. Yank that plug!

Rush, you're rich. You have no right to frighten old people who aren't, even if they've gobbled up your road show for a decade.

Maybe I will file this under "morons." Not for the old Christian dude on oxygen, or my anxious uncle, but for the mountebank they've placed their trust in. Yeah, that guy. The one who doesn't give a rat's ass about them. The one who'd rather see them die, and decrease the surplus population.


~Illisse said...

Church Man and my father should start hanging out together. They can both listen to the rightwing radio crap and freak out.

I don't get it. How can reasonibly intelligent people buy this oh-so-see-through bull****?

I just don't get it.

As an extra bit - I found the best way to shut down a conversion about this topic is to say - 'I don't have an opition on the bills as it does not exist as of yet.'

That one stops 'em dead.
(no pun intended)

And kudos to b-i-l for turning the service into a Friends style meeting. Was this something new and shocking (mayhaps some pushing from our little wee fae Grizzabella) or just him being himself?



my friend nancy the librarian is a very very very smart lady..but yet she too is sucked into the 'stupid people vortex' of the gubement is going to kill all us old folks..i just want to smack her..
did you get your box yet?

THE Michael said...

Reasonably intelligent? What exactly does that term mean? As in believing in anything that smells of conspiracy, or that is told to you by someone who goes to church with you?

People in Britain, where "old folks get euthenized" are getting rather pissed off about the lies being told about their health care system, which they are actually very proud of.

We have laws against perjury and I think it's about time they were inforced.

Anne Johnson said...

Box hasn't come yet, Granny. But I just heard that the Iggles signed Michael Vick. So if you haven't mailed the box yet, will you please also send a Cowboys shirt? I'm through with the Eagles.

ronan said...

> I don't get it. How can reasonibly intelligent people buy this oh-so-see-through bull****?

Propaganda and fear-mongering are ancient techniques, but the 20th century saw amazing advancements and refinements. Between the Nazis, the Soviets, and Madison Ave., we have mastered the manipulation mass audiences, especially their fears and sex drives (unfortunately we haven't found so effective a way to appeal to their compassion or intellect).

You can take comfort in this: these people are a minority. The majority elected Obama. As long as the politicians don't confuse loudness for actual strength-in-numbers, they can ignore the rabble-rousing. The one ability that every politician is supposed to have is the ability to count votes.

Buzzardbilly said...

Those town hall meetings are out of control, so you know the talking points and propoganda that is spurring these poor folks on to these meetings with venom, anger, and in the case of the dude who stood outside Obama's town hall with a sidearm strapped to his leg, malice to the point of desperation.

I thought it was a crime to incite mobs. Isn't it?