Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Rockin' Foster Kitten

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," big planes and short runways! Never back down from a challenge. That's what we always say.

For many years, we at The Gods Are Bored have taken in foster kittens from the local animal shelter. They can be anywhere from 10 days to three months old. The younger they are, the more fun they are, because they have to be bottle fed. Then they really bond. The older ones are "hissy spitties" that need to be tamed.

I entered this little darling in Kitten War. And she is kicking butt. She's won 69 percent of her battles, which is not shabby at all for such a mediocre picture (and mediocre tabby).

Many people object to Kitten War because they think it encourages people to allow their cats to breed indiscriminately, in order to get cute pictures. If that is true, what accounts for all the indiscriminate breeding of cats before Kitten War came along? I don't think a web site has made it worse.

So here's to Cosette, awesome Amazon of the Kitten War! Your cat might be cute, but Cosette rules.

As for her ultimate fate, Cosette was adopted by a nice family the very day she was taken to the shelter. Her sibling went with her, and the other sibling got adopted by a close family friend. You could say Cosette dominated right from the gate.


Sarita said...

Such a cute kitty! I LOVE cats.

I hadn't heard about kitty wars, but I think I'll have to take a look at it. It looks neat. :)

sageweb said...

Okay I just spent way too much time on the kitty wars site.

Anne Johnson said...

Did I mention that Kitten War is seriously addicting?

JaAnBe said...

omg - cute prime. I was even compelled to refer the site to other people who have too much time on their hands and are looking for more ways to use it up on the computer!

Tracie the Red said...

Someone call Rev. Jonathan/MadPriest. I need last rites. I have just died from the cuteness.