Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Knew Him When

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," a refreshing mix of politics and religion! Given enough time, we're bound to offend everyone.

Long, long ago when I was a slender-waisted college lass, I had a classmate named Michael Steele. He was a tall, skinny fellow with a thick head of hair, African American, pre-med major. Mike and I got to be friends because we had some modern literature classes together. And we struck a deal: If he would lend me his literature books, I would type his papers. (I couldn't afford to buy all the books, and Mike didn't know how to type.)

Mind you, I said type the papers, not write them. Even though Mike was a pre-med, he was pretty handy with words.

Fast forward a good many years, and Michael Steele is the best known graduate of my particular class at Johns Hopkins. When I saw him at an event in Maryland awile back, I wasn't certain enough that it was him that I felt comfortable going up to him. He had changed a lot physically ... and he was a Republican.

Don't know that Mike and I ever talked politics in college. So I don't know if he was an inductee into the Evil Empire then, or if he took to it later. My guess is later.

At any rate, I can hardly turn on the t.v. now without seeing Michael Steele.

The other day Mike called Rush Limbaugh an "entertainer" and said something about Rush not representing the Republican party, I think. The only part I recall is "entertainer," because that was a handy word to describe Rush. Although I don't find Rush particularly entertaining myself. Okay, okay, I can't listen to the guy for ten minutes without cussing at the radio. But my entertainment tastes aren't the same as other peoples', so who am I to judge?

I could only applaud Michael Steele for standing up to the Rush Menace. But alas, Rush ascends again, wringing from my old classmate a pathetic apology.

Does Rush Limbaugh represent the sentiments of everyone in the Republican Party? I can hardly believe that. But if it's true, why doesn't he run for office? Who remembers that past indiscretionary use of prescription painkillers? All of us have stuff like that on our rap sheets. (Well, I don't, but I did buy a parrot ... which was a big mistake.)

If you want a laugh, or if you want to channel your inner Michael Steele, you can go here and send Rush an apology of your own.

Wow, I stink at the link! Here's the URL:

If you are Michael Steele and you're reading this, hey. I have a few books that belong to you. Can I mail them? I don't want to do lunch.


Pom said...

You know everyone!

I'm still trying to figure out how Limbaugh has a constituency when he's not an elected official and has no intentions of being such. He's speaking out against everything right now because it's going to hit him in his own pocket nothing more nothing less. He's not defending middle-class America despite the fact that they're his fan-base. They'll actually thrive (or at least that's the intention) under the tax cuts that will hit their deity right upside the head.

Alex Pendragon said...

Now now, Rush wants us to SUCCEED! Yep, I thank the Gods that I have Rush to speak for the Republican party so that perhaps MOST people in this country will not even THINK about electing another Republican to office, unless of course they happen to be masochists.

Thalia said...

Wow, a whole ten minutes? You have a LOT more stamina than I have!

democommie said...

Rush Limbaugh's next act of public service will be his death.

Sorry to hear that Michael Steele used to be a decent person, it's nicer to think of GOPtools as hatchlings.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Diane Rheem for a few minutes this morning. David Frum, a much bigger tool than Steele was saying that Davind Steele was "the face of the new GOP". Yep, the face that got bitchslapped by Rush.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Anne:

Ihope your parrot wasn't "pinin' for the fjords." when you bought him!