Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cat Blogging: The Incredibly Awesome Adventure of Willoughby the Kitten

One of the Johnson family's favorite hangouts is Woodstock Trading Company in Cherry Hill, New (and Used) Jersey.

One of my regular commenters, a blighter named KD, once said he wished it could be 1970 again. Well, KD, you just need to open the door to Woodstock, and there you are. The clock stopped there around 1972 and has never started up again. Please note that they do not sell pipes, never have, honestly. That's what it says on their door. But if you have a craving for any other kind of legal merchandise from the Summer of Love era, you have found your store.

Four weekends ago, the staff of Woodstock heard dramatic caterwauling from the crawlspace below their hippie dippy showroom. At no small amount of effort, they penetrated into the crawlspace and extracted a kitten, about 2 weeks in age. It had been there, screaming, for two days.

Just as they were standing there wondering what the heck to do with such a small kitten, in walks ... moi. Kitten foster extraordinaire.

Remember, we at "The Gods Are Bored" do not believe in coincidences.

Mr. Johnson phoned that he needed the car keys, so I had only a moment to grab the little shaver, promise to love and nurture him, and dash to the good ol' homestead.

Said kitten, given the provisional name of Willoughby, will return to Woodstock Trading Company tomorrow to take up permanent residence there. He is a spirited, thriving, purring, romping little bundle of joy. The staff can hardly wait to claim him. He has made four conjugal visits during which he's been lovingly received by all.

I'm particularly happy about this rescue because I frequently feel the need to return to 1972, so I go to Woodstock all the time. Goddess willing (and I think She is), I will be able to watch Willoughby grow and thrive! Always before this, my fosters have gone back to the animal shelter, and from there to homes -- I know not where. But this one is different. He's gonna be my forever kitten buddy!

If you want to see pictures of Willoughby, the Crawlspace Hippy Summer of Love Kitten, Woodstock Trading Company has a MySpace with 32 pictures of the feline already on display. Mind you, this cat is not yet 8 weeks old.

But we all know how that is, right? Everyone loves to take multiple baby pictures.

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yellowdog granny said...

oh man..I just had a flash back..that drawing of the beared guy looks like one of the fabulous furry freak brothers...ahh, the good ole days..