Sunday, December 03, 2006

Saved by the Buzzards

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Was it St. Paul who said, "In the midst of winter I find in myself an eternal summer?"

No? Mmmmmm. Yeah, does sound a bit like Tim Leary. Or Henry David Thoreau, maybe. I never can keep these people straight.

For those of you fearing that Annie might be brewing up some hemlock for herself, take heart! This news just in makes the hardest road walkable. Barefoot.

Drum roll please ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, with humility and religious zeal, I give you:

The East Coast Vulture Festival 2007.

Yes, you ... YOU ... can experience a night of unbridled buzzard worship, madcap mayhem, poetry, music, and great eats! Come and meet Anne, the High Priestess of Vulture Worship, and her many fellow priests and priestesses! Come dressed as your favorite carrion bird. It's okay. Really.

No matter what the world throws at me between now and March 3, 2007, I will not care. Just take me to the buzzard festival and all will be well with my soul!

Here's a shot from last year's event. The 2007 festival will be even better!

"Let the bald head set you free!" (from The Bible of Buzzard Worship, New Revised Edition with Concordance and Maps)


Vertalio said...

Spent a couple of weeks once with the wife in a field study of Lammergiers, the bearded vultures, in Catalan. Plenty of Egyptian vultures about there, too. Seven-foot wingspans and all. Like 40-pound mosquitos.
Bring your breath mints, Anne.

By the way, at J. General's I'm better known as the Rev Jerry. As 'Vertalio' I can visit the fundies and hang for awhile, though they don't love me in any case.

Anne Johnson said...

I read you Rev. Jerry. Isn't that a fun site? I won't link it because I'm afraid all my readers will defect to the General. Even the French readers.

Anonymous said...

Hum, my bible doesn't address buzzards at all.

Well, sounds harmless enough, much more harmless than what the stupid warmongering Christians do.

Have a wonderful time. Hugs to you and hubby.

Kate said...

Hi Anne, I think it was Camus. He's got some good quotes, doesn't he? I like "remain lucid in ecstacy" too.

My husband has a tattoo of an Egyptian vulture on his arm. It's pretty cute.