Sunday, December 17, 2006

Give me that Old Time Religion

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" O come, all ye stressed church ladies. Lay down those lamb costumes and kiddie choir songs. Take thee to the woods, for what building made by the hands of humans can match the splendor of Mother Nature's creation?

I've just returned from my Druid Grove celebration of Yule. We always gather on the Sunday before the date of the holy day.

What a warm and wonderful invocation of peace and light we shared! We're getting to know each other and like each other, and some of us drive quite a distance to be there. Every time we have a ritual, we get two or three new people, and two or three people who came the time before don't return. Somehow we always have enough folks to take all the roles. Today I was Holly.

The ancient bored gods have jars of jam older than Christianity. Give me that old time religion ... it was good for the Stonehenge craftsmen, and it's good enough for me!

Looking at the distant winter sun, it is possible to believe that the light will return. Mourn the loss of this old year and accept a new dawn, whatever it brings. See the blazing Yule before us -- strike the harp and join the chorus.

Fa la la! We'll talk again on Friday! Please do drop by, I baked cookies.



Tennessee Jed said...

Happy solstice to you Anne! The sun will come back, the days only get longer from here untill June 20ish. Happy solar travels to you my fellow earthling.

Hecate said...

Happy Solstice, my dear Druid. My circle will celebrate on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The days will start to get longer; oh, yes they will.

BBC said...

I take the days the way they come at me. I don't control that even though a bunch of religious nuts think I do.

Oh, and I have nothing to do with horoscopes either. That is just monkeys screwing with their brains. I wouldn't pay two bits to have my brain and future read.

I know my brain, my future is iffy though.


Scott said...

Anne, My Dear Sweet Druid Friend,
I am so glad you were refreshed at your gathering, and as we await the return of the Sun Rising higher each day I salute you and the Gods are Bored.
My local Circle recently disbanded (On Very Good Terms) so Solstice will be just myself and maybe two friends around a Bonfire here at my house. I will be thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful Yule.
Peace to you and your Family,
Love you very much,

Interrobang said...

Happy Solstice, Anne! I hope your situation is improving, just as the days are starting to get longer.

Athana said...

Happy return of the Light, Anne! Tonight in the "dead" of night it happens, the magic turning, the magic switch from decreasing light, to increasing light. I just love this time of the year. It's getting dark here in Maine around 4 pm, now, and I'm ready for it to STOP DOING THAT! (We really should be in a separate time zone all of our own, but the rest of you have decided it would throw you all off if we did, so we long-suffering Mainers will just wander through the dark while ya'll go tripping merrily through the light -- OK, you're right, I've gone on long enough, I'll stop now.)

Anyway, happy to see that your Druid group is going well, and that you're enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Solstice to All! Here's a "card":