Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" We value your opinion - if you agree with us. If not, take your dissent and file it. We brook no argument here. It's what we say that matters. We dictate the rules. We dictate the facts. We're eager to surround ourselves with cheering sycophants. We're chomping on the bit to get tons of "you go, girl" emails from other truth-seekers. But if you don't agree that Dobson, Frist, and their Chippie buddies are bad for the globe, don't tell US about it. YOU don't exist.

Hey, we didn't start this all-American form of fact dissemination. We're just modeling "The Gods Are Bored" on such eminences as the sitting president (George W. Bush) and the most important media eminence in journalism (Rush Limbaugh). When THEY start inviting rational debate of their views and platforms, WE WILL TOO.

A mother of a dead soldier in the Iraq war actually got ARRESTED for attending a "town hall" meeting and asking Laura Bush what the hell we're doing blasting Baghdad to itty bitty pieces. This bereaved mama didn't incite to riot, she didn't hurl anything. She just asked a question. Boom. Off to jail she goes.

Freedom of speech? Not on THIS blog. We keep up with the times! And as soon as we figure out how to filter out the negative comments and let the positive ones shine through, we'll welcome all you followers of the bored gods to join us and celebrate with us as we watch the Chippies fail in their attempts to create an American Taliban.

One caveat: Just because we advocate the information dissemination policies of the president and Mr. Limbaugh does NOT mean we endorse the recreational use of controlled substances. It seems important to make that clear. We advocate the legalization of marijuana, but since marijuana is illegal, we don't use it. As for cocaine and Vicodin, well, gentle readers, a ten-foot-pole is just not long enough to keep us from that stuff. A fragile thing, the brain. When you've got a good one, you ought to be careful to maintain it. And breaking the law is just for lowlifes. Right, Dobson?
Your friend with the understimulated mu receptor, ANNE