Saturday, October 30, 2021

Samhain 2021

 It seems like an eternity since Labor Day, but Samhain 2021 is finally upon us. It's the time when spirits walk among us and we remember our Ancestors and thank them for giving us life.

And if you're Anne, it's time to get your chaos on.


I bought this awesome Moth Man vigil candle from an artisan at South Jersey Pagan Pride Day. I couldn't fork over my ducats fast enough! Jack-o-lanterns are one thing, but Moth Man on my shrine? Not only keeps the bad monsters away, also entertains the Ancestors and Nature Spirits.

And that's my outdoor shrine, looking extra spiffy. My daughter The Heir gave me some flea market candle holders made of crystals glued together. One day I felt the need for extra power, so I dismantled the candle holders and put all the crystals on my shrine. And yes indeed, the extra Earth energy is very helpful.

Have you seen this hashtag thingy #whatwitcheslooklike2021? The idea is to take a really plain photo of yourself and post it to show that witches are like everybody else. Trouble is, when you look at a whole bunch of these all together, they just all look like extraordinary people.  Photo after photo, there's just something in the eye, or the tilt of the chin, or the attire or setting, that just broadcasts "HEY I AM A WITCH!"

So I am going to try really hard here to put up a photo of myself that doesn't look a single bit witchy.


No, wait. I have some kind of crystalline pendant on there. I'll try again.


This works, right? It's the time I flew all the way to Salt Lake City to celebrate the 60th birthday of a condor! 

Damn. That sounds witchy. Back to the photo queue.


This hits the spot. On the beach at Cape May last November. That could be anybody.

But part of the fun of being witchy is dressing the part, don't you think?


A blessed Samhain to you, my friends! Always so glad to see you here at "The Gods Are Bored!"

PS: I got poison ivy on my arm from holding onto that tiny tree trunk.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love all your photos! Happy Halloween and Samhain blessings to you, Anne!

Debi said...

You do stick out Yes! its the twinkle and knowing all smile. Love your outdoor shrine! Hope you set All In Order for the coming year! Love to visit!
your Canadian fan.....

pam nash said...

There's a Pagan Pride Day!?! How great is that. I want one!

e said...

Love your outdoor altar. It is beautiful and looks powerful.
Those pictures? Yeah, nice try! Thank the Goddess that you always have that witchy aura!

Anne Johnson said...

I go to several Pagan Pride days. The best one is in Philadelphia, Clark Park, on Labor Day weekend.