Monday, October 25, 2021

It's Liberating To Be Hated: Interview with Justitia

 Howdy howdy howdy and welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" I'm Anne Johnson, and I have been saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag since 1964. It has gotten old. So for the past 25 years or more, I've been leaving out the "liberty and justice for all" part. Because, get real. Where's the justice in American society?

But it's a trifle sensitive trying to explain that to my guest tonight, Justitia, the Goddess of ... you guessed it ... justice! She joined me for dinner, and we're sitting here digesting, so let's give this lovely Lady and her balance scales a warm, wonderful "Gods Are Bored" welcome!

Anne: Good evening, great and mighty Justitia! What did you think of the chicken cacciatore?

Justitia: Well, it was good and bad. Tasted fine, but the portion was too small.

Anne: Oh gosh! Sorry! Do you want seconds?

Justitia: I have rendered my decision on the matter. Case closed.

Anne: To be honest, Your Honor, I could be persuaded to go out for a soft serve ice cream.

Justitia: Motion is approved! You may approach the bench.

Anne: But before we sojourn to the ice cream shop, I want to ask your opinion on something.

Justitia: Opinions are my thing. Justly rendered, of course.

Anne: Of course! Well, Justitia, it has come to my attention that someone very high in the chain of command at my workplace has an extraordinarily low opinion of me. So low, in fact, that this person thought students would be better served by a substitute teacher than by me.

Justitia: Well, what are the students being served? If it's chicken cacciatore, the substitute might be more generous.

Anne (aside) These Roman deities are so human, aren't they? (to Justitia) No food involved, just education. A teacher is out sick, and I offered to cover her class. The principal was all for it, but the higher-up wasn't having it. 

Justitia: It's probably about money.

Anne: Nah, money's not a factor. I know from talking to ex employees of my firm that this particular power-broker holds me in very low esteem. My problem is, this person may come in to evaluate me at some point this year.

Justitia: Why, how very liberating!

Anne: What do you mean?

Justitia: If you know that they hold you in low esteem, then no matter how brilliantly you perform, it won't matter. So why perform at all? Everything this person says about you is tainted by bias, thus rendering the person incapable of forming a true opinion of your worth.

Anne: You know, I didn't think of that! You're absolutely right! Nothing I do or say is going to convince this person I'm a good teacher. I could get a citation from the governor, and I would still be stuck with the nines.

Justitia: Therefore you should not expect justice from the person, nor court it, nor even care. Knowing you can't please this individual frees you from having to try.

Anne: Justitia, Great and Mighty Goddess, I am going to fix you up with a to-go container of chicken cacciatore! And here, take these bagels ... they are terrific. And here's a handful of Halloween candy, mostly Snickers.

Justitia: Annnnd?????

Anne: Soft serve ice cream! I'll get my coat and car keys!


jenmoon said...

This sounds like my job, all right, where I get literally one star, "does not meet expectations" no matter what else I get done all year. (Why they don't can me? Who knows? Probably because trying to hire anyone is excruciating and we already are down to only three full time staff as is.)

I have decided not to bother to knock myself out trying in this job any more. I get done what I get done, I don't bother to put any extra effort into anything. The weird, hard, long email questions? Forget it. If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done, and since we're so overloaded and short staffed anyway, they're not penalizing us for not being able to get it all done, because nobody can keep up or notice.

In your case, teach how you want, and if they can you, well...plusses and minusses to being out of this job, I suppose.

Janie Junebug said...

Justitia makes a good point about having that person observe your teaching. You and your students are the winners and the observer who thinks so little of you will be the loser because of a narrow mind. Does Justitia get the Snickers because you don't like them? Your comments show up at my blog but I have comment moderation enabled so the comments don't appear until I approve them.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Justitia knows that "the truth shall set ye free."

e said...

Trust the Goddess of Justice to make such a trenchant observation. The pressure is off! If that higher-up comes to observe your class, be like Professor McGonagle and ignore them completely.

Ave Justitia!

Ol'Buzzard said...

She has a control on you because you are allowing it. She also may have power over you, but regardless of her authority, don't give her the satisfaction of of being concerned about her opinion. Your best demeanor toward her should be 'fuck you', but not stated.

This is part of teaching that really sucks. It adds to the burnout factor. We have all go through something like this if we teach long enough.
You are a great person doing an important and unappreciated job.
fuck her
the Ol'Buzzard

pam nash said...

Sounds like Justitia has the right answer. If you know you are doing a good job and one person can't recognize it, then you should keep on keeping on. Take nothing personally said by that person.

Anne Johnson said...

I love Snickers bars, and that's why I gave them to Justitia. Partly out of honor to Her as a goddess, and partly because I shouldn't be eating them myself!

Bohemian said...

Back in the Dark Ages, when I had Corporate Lives and wasn't in Retirement yet, everything Corporate was a Good Ole Boy Network and Women were not only discriminated against, but always underestimated. Most writing your reviews thought you ought to be barefoot and preggy while serving them a meal and getting their coffee, as if your uterus was a tracking device for their refreshments. Anyway, it used to bother me, until my Sage Ole Dad told me it was my best Advantage. They already hold such a low opinion of you and have such low expectations, that they'll never see you coming and you can more easily take them down, was his advice. It not only worked flawlessly but I rose in the ranks quickly and became an AVP before I was 23... and if they didn't respect me, they at least learned to fear me. I wasn't A Bitch, I was THE Bitch and that was Missus Bitch to any Misogynistic Guy in my way, I rolled up the Doormat and made it a Club. My Dad was Native American and always looked for the slim Advantage when you're already Marginalized and greatly Outnumbered by unjust people who Hate you. He had an old saying that you'd Fight an Apache all day long and never see one. You have a distinct Advantage over this Fool in the place of Authority, keep risen above it and them by being a cunning Adversary that seizes any and all Advantages they hand you on a Silver Platter whether they realize they are or not. Your Students are already Blessed and Favored to have you in their corner my Friend and that's what REALLY Counts.